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Asian Events in WARSAW? Is there any?

polka21 2 | -
9 Feb 2010 #1
Hi :)
Im going to Warsaw this weekend and I would like to ask You if there are any Asian Events or places... Maybe some kind of shops, restaurants in the Centre where are Japanese or Korean people ??

Thank you for help
and have a nice day!
Ironside 50 | 12540
12 Feb 2010 #2
15th of July ?
anton888 - | 82
12 Feb 2010 #3
In Dobra street, there is a japanese Resturant (Tokyo), very popular with Japanese Business man, but they normall go there during weekdays, lunch time. It had been llike this for the last 15 years.

Near Wilanow Park, there is a Korean resturant (Las or something like this), you should meet some during lunch time as well on Sat.

These 2 are mostly visit by Japanese and Korean not very popular with local.

If you find any other places or heard about any event, I am also interested:-)
imamanas1 - | 2
21 Oct 2010 #4
Hi ... im Anas... im a male 32, india , im in warsaw for 3 months ,im looking for a polish friend to learn polish ...... im in poetry , music, traveling....books, history,.... cooking food... movies..... im looking for some to share the culture

of india and know more a bout poland...Please contact me at imamanas@gmail or call me.
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George8600 10 | 630
21 Oct 2010 #5
Go to Japan :-)

Trust me, it's worth the ride...
PennBoy 76 | 2432
21 Oct 2010 #6
i don't know about evens but there are many Vietnamese,news,,wietnamczycy_w_polsce,reportaz.html

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