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Looking for a Polish wedding band and stuff in Melbourne

7 May 2012 #1
hello i am just wondering if anyone knows any polish wedding bands in Melbourne. thanks
pip 10 | 1,659
7 May 2012 #2
what is a Polish wedding band? Do you mean a singing band or one that goes on your finger?
OP discopolo
7 May 2012 #3
As in the singing type for a wedding.
meganska - | 3
28 May 2012 #4
Merged: Polish wedding in Melbourne Australia, suggestions?

Hi there,
We would like to have Polish music, food and traditions at our upcoming wedding... can anyone suggest a catering company in Melbourne Australia that would do Polish food for us? Or a Polish club that is able to cater for a small number of guests? Likewise a Polish band or DJ? Thanks in advance! :-)
King Sobieski 2 | 714
30 May 2012 #5
the polish club in albion may cater to a small amount of guests but not sure.
meganska - | 3
30 May 2012 #6
Thanks so much - I'll definitely check it out :-)
King Sobieski 2 | 714
31 May 2012 #7
if you speak polish then try posting on the below forum:

they are bit of an older crowd and may know more about polish bands or clubs for hire.
meganska - | 3
31 May 2012 #8
Terrific thank you very much King Sobieski :-)

I am only at absolute beginner level Polish.. but have a couple of friends who could assist with the language.


30 May 2013 #10
We would love to help.

We have a Polish DJ / Singer for your night, along with a female singer to cover all the great english party hits as well.

For a great Polish DJ for hire in Melbourne, make your next event a Sensation!

I just noticed this is an old post!!
19 Feb 2016 #11
Merged: Polski Musikanci

szukam kapeli na wesele polskiego w shepparton lub melbourne

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