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Polish travel agent in Sydney

racingjo 1 | -
29 Dec 2009 #1
Hi Everyone,

I recently moved to Sydney from Melbourne and am looking for a good, reliable Polish travel agent in Sydney, as they seem to have the best deals on travel to Poland.

tomaszmojsiejuk - | 8
14 Feb 2010 #2
Go to Contal Travel the phone number is 1300 66 7898 and speak to Krystyna very nice quick and is usually cheap
Gosiaa 2 | 89
18 Sep 2010 #3
Voytek Lasek @ Pennant Hills Ph 02 9875 1333 he will go out of his way to help you, not only the best prices but the best airlines !
20 Mar 2013 #4
I have just used Voytek and Cleve at Travel by Design in Sydney 9875 1333. They are great and really went out of their way with service and getting me what I wanted. I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone.
15 Dec 2013 #5
[Moved from]: Where to find other polish people travelling between Warsaw and Sydney?

Hi, Does anybody know if someone whose relatives or friends travel from Warsaw to Sydney in near future. My Mum wanted to visit me but she doesn't speak English and feels uneasy to do such a long journey on her own. I'd appreciate any help at all or even any suggestions where to find other polish people travelling between Warsaw and Sydney.

Monitor 14 | 1,820
15 Dec 2013 #6
on the airport.
20 Jul 2014 #7
Travel by Design not only sells tickets! They look after you all the way the moment you leave Australia and come back if needed.
They provide excellent level of service and occasionally Vojtek deliver flight tickets to a customer himself.
I have used them many times.Would not go anywhere else even if someone else offered cheaper flight!!!

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