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Polish restaurants in Sydney

newintown 1 | -
4 Jul 2010 #1
Hi !
we just opened a new Polish restaurant in Newtown, Sydney!! And we are looking for Polish waiters, or someone who know what is bigos, smalec, golonka, placek po zbojnicku, pierogi , sernik i szarlotka!!! :) please send me a message on email - newintown549@gmail or just come and visit us 549 King St Newtown!!!
28 Jul 2010 #3
Will be there to check out the restaurant with my friends next week =)
11 Sep 2010 #4
Pierogi!! Yum!
13 Sep 2010 #5
Hi do u still locking for waitres? Im locking for a job ...

14 Apr 2011 #6 :)
20 Jul 2014 #7
No more polish restaurant in Newtown, sorry !
4 Jul 2015 #8
Merged: What are the best Polish Restaurants in Sydney now?

What are the best Polish Restaurants in Sydney now?

Also would love to be able to buy miĆ³d pitny (Polish Mead) Jadwiga Poltorak. Would anyone know where to buy?
4 Jul 2015 #9
There used to be a decent one in Surry Hills on Crown St, Alchemy Cafe. Probably still there.

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