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Quality Polish classes Melbourne

mnchlt123 1 | -
9 Apr 2013 #1
Highly recommended to those willing to pop in once a week for a drink, to chat and learn Polish in the warm, welcoming environment that is the Polish community.

Lessons are taught in a great location, very close to the CBD, at the Sol Green Recreation Centre.
Lessons occur on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at comfortable hours with reasonable pricing.
Scheduled classes are based on the students ability and experience.
So if you are thinking about travelling to Poland one day, have relatives whom are native speakers or just want to learn the language,
you find out more by heading to their
Facebook page: 90528?fref=ts
9 Apr 2013 #2
Whether you are student, experienced executive or just learning Polish, English as a foreign language for pleasure, with the broad range of courses available, we have the right course for you. Great care is taken to ensure that the right balance between the four skills is maintained throughout - speaking, reading, listening and writing. We use individual lesson plan to every student. The focus on speaking is our learning goal. From the very beginning you will speak only target language. It's like jumping in the deep end but it is worth it as you will be able to pick up the melody and rhythm of the language more quickly. Our professional bilingual teachers will help you to learn the language and to overcome the language barrier. All our teachers have qualifications appropriate to British Council accreditation requirements.Today I run my own business with exactly tailored language courses via Skype. As a representative of Education & Translation Services I promote our courses worldwide.

Using online technology connected with language learning is really effective. To prove this I offer your first lesson free:) If you are interested, feel free to write via e-mail: englishtool1@gmail

Education & Translation Services
MA Milena K.

You are welcome!
18 Apr 2013 #3
what if you're not on facebook?

is there a website?
23 Apr 2013 #4
10 Jun 2013 #5
Hi I am interested in attending a class every two weeks

Do you have any more details?

Warm Regards,

Mob0422 670 452

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