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Polish postal tax (laptop sent from Australia)

27 Mar 2013 #1
I am having trouble with the polish postal service. I had a laptop sent from Australia by my parents to krakow. And now the post office are trying to charge me 893 zl to pick it up. It is my private laptop that I own and is just being sent over privately, I don't buy it in Australia and have it shipped here. It seems they are trying to put an import tax on it or something which seems ridiculous as it is just a secondhand computer/personal bellonging.

Surely this is ridiculous?
27 Mar 2013 #2
It is my private laptop that I own

Can you prove that you owned it before you moved to Poland? And even if you can, getting temporary clearance for personal possessions is a pain in the arse.

It seems they are trying to put an import tax on it or something

They will be adding 12% duty to the value of the item and the cost of the shipping (I think it's 12% for that item from that location) and then 23% VAT on top of that.

Frankly your best bet is to just tell them to send it back to Australia and then either ask your parents to sell the thing so you can buy one here or to just have it put in the suitcase of the next person you know who is travelling from Oz to the EU (if it's sent from anywhere in the EU there will be no tax to import it to Poland).

Surely this is ridiculous?

Yes, but T.I.P. (this is Poland).
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27 Mar 2013 #3
Primetime: Surely this is ridiculous?

It's not. How can they now that it's your personal laptop.
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6 Apr 2013 #4
Typical of what my family had at the time did not, of course, in this region.

-Lack of appropriate documents to sophisticated costs much more after time...

It is very common for some people. I can confirm this, of course, without mentioning names here in my work and in the Polish community abroad

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