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Student from Poland wants to get to Australia

24 Nov 2011  #1
I'm a last-year student and I'm planning the journey of my life (to Australia of course). What is the typical procedure to get to Australia? I've heard that a visitor has to organise school in Australia if he wants to live and work there. Is it true? I won't participate in any student-exchange program so please if you know give some advices what should I do first.

thanks for all your answers
King Sobieski 2 | 716
25 Nov 2011  #2
are you from poland?

australia doesn't have any work treaties with poland so there are no such working holiday programs.

what are you studying? we do have a skilled migrant visa but that is geared to permanency and there are strict rules in place. if that is what you're after then best to look at the australian governments website to see what skills are in demand.

just be wary there are some schools/college's that promise the earth but are only after your zloty.
OP new_dreamer
25 Nov 2011  #3
Yes I'm from Poland. I'm studying Electronics and Telecomunnication. What are my chances to get a good job on start?
thanks for your advices
Zachariah 1 | 26
26 Nov 2011  #4

I think your chances are very good and if you speak / write the language then even better. Australia is apparently suffering a skills shortage in trades and other professions and is relying on qualified foreign workers to fill the gaps. There is a mining company that is specifically targeting Polish workers:

Some big miners offer graduate programs and will fast-track you into the workforce. It would be worth your while to look into it further. You will be paid well to.

Btw I have been working in the Telecommunications and IT industry for 10 years and have had enough. I have decided to quit my job and move to Poland to explore business opportunities. I would appreciate any advice, tips or local information you can offer a fellow Pole.

Good luck!

hague1cmaeron 14 | 1,377
26 Nov 2011  #5
That's quite interesting. I live in Adelaide and have thought about the Polish option as well, I am actually visiting in December.
Zachariah 1 | 26
26 Nov 2011  #6
I live in Adelaide and have thought about the Polish option as well, I am actually visiting in December.

Cool! Make sure you come back later and post your views and opinions. I would love to hear what you have to say.

hague1cmaeron 14 | 1,377
26 Nov 2011  #7
Well I was in Poland In June for a month, and i guess i liked it enough to want to come back again, family was one of the reasons. I enjoyed the atmosphere of Warsaw and Gdnask, and enjoyed Krakow. There is no doubt that Poland is at a very dynamic stage of development, and when the financial crisis comes to an end it will probably leave other countries in its wake, in terms of economic growth. I would still require a reasonably good plan to get started even though my mum lives there, I probably wouldn't be prepared to just up sticks and leave, I am very cautious by nature though.
Zachariah 1 | 26
3 May 2012  #8
Hello hague1cmaeron,

I am really sorry for the late reply but to be honest I didn't see your posts it until now.

Please tell me how do you rate the local cuisine? Can you buys a decent cuppucino and pizza in the places you visited?

di2d - | 1
15 Jun 2013  #9
Merged: Studying in Australia on student visa which allows work


I'm trying to help a friend come from poland (18 turning 19) to Australia to study at a Tafe course and work in Australia. They have enough money to pay for travel expenses and enough money for living expenses. They plan to work to cover the costs of study, they won't have much living expenses at all because they will be staying with me (that saves a lot of money). They have no criminal records and have been to Australia before. Eventually they'd want to apply for a citizenship but right now they just want to study and work. They have a meeting with an immigration office soon but I just wanted to see if anyone had good advice to share.

Thank you!
ivisaservices - | 1
15 Dec 2016  #10
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