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Shops in Australia selling music CDs from Poland?

29 Dec 2013 #1

I'm not Polish but I love Polish films and film music. Are there any stores in Sydney that sell Polish film music CDs?

JurekBenelli - | 10
22 Jul 2014 #2
I guess the easiest way to purchase Polish music on CD or DVD is to shop on internet. Other option is to contact me (Jerzy) and I might help you with some Polish music on CD.I live in Sydney.

23 Apr 2015 #3
Merged: Buying traditional Polish Music In Melbourne or Online

I live in Melbourne and want to buy traditional Polish music including Sto Lat, the national anthem and other songs to play at a celebration. Can anyone help as to where I can buy an album from, download or buy online? Can you also help me as to the names of the albums?

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