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Moving back to Poland after 30 years in Australia.

AussieBRO 1 | 5
7 Mar 2011 #1
Well, decision has been made. I am not looking somebody helps me with any opinion whether I am doing right or wrong decision. It took me almost 5 years to convince my wife we should return to old country. I am just looking if anybody has some info which might help me with logistics of the move. I have been living in wonderful Australia for 30 years, halve of my life. It is fantastic country (but not as good as many people think : )). We had a good, successful life here but we are not happy (especially me).

I have been reading PF for the last 2 years. I do not want to write long story about why I want to go back or why I am not happy in Australia (essentially it isn't such wonderful place as many people think and I am missing Poland too much. Also my only daughter lives between Europe and USA for the last 6 years and the chance of her going back to Australia is close to zilch). In short the plan is as follow:

- I am giving up my full time work (I might still continue as a consultant if I still fancy working) around June-July 2011 (this is the time which major project I am leading is finishing)

- Around 1st of August I am arriving to Krakow with wife for 2 months to stay there and taste the life in Poland (we own small apartment close to Rynek which is still being renovated but surely the renovation will be finished before our arrival)

- Then we go back to Sydney, put our Sydney house for sale, pack everything up and move to Poland, our old country.

- For the first 6-12 months we will stay in our small apartment (2 rooms + windowless kitchen and bathroom around 55m2). Then if we think we love the life there we will either build the house or buy bigger apartment somewhere (or go back to Australia :) )

- I will not have to work.

I have several questions and I would really appreciate if I could get following info, especially from people who have gone through the same:

- Anybody has any idea how much cost sending container full of furniture to Poland from Sydney?
- Anybody can recommend moving company which provides this service?
- What is approximate cost?
- Anybody took permanently native birds (pets) from Australia to Europe?
- What are the rules/ laws? (Australian and Polish if any)
- What I can expect to pay for taking 3 birds with me to Poland?
- I am 60 and my wife 52 years old. Would we be able to get decent health insurance?
- How much approximately good health insurance would cost us?

I would really appreciate if somebody could give me any info regarding these questions.
7 Mar 2011 #2
 I am 60 and my wife 52 years old. Would we be able to get decent health insurance?

Yes - Probably the best one is medicover- website

How much approximately good health insurance would cost us?

Your age group I would say around 4-4500 PLN per person with hospital cover. ( annual)
beckski 12 | 1,617
7 Mar 2011 #3
Moving back to Poland after 30 years in Australia

A relative of mine has a similar situation. He now lives in Sydney. If he decides to retire in Poland some day, he probably won't have the opportunity to visit his two adult daughters very often. His daughters left Poland, when they were both very young. Neither of them intend to leave Australia and relocate in Poland.
10 Mar 2011 #4
Family friend moved back to Poland after 35+ years in Australia. She had been back for lengthy visits several times and had been pondering a return for well over a decade. Despite this, it took her a few years to settle back in. However, now she feels at home.

Good luck with the move.

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