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Grape wine from Poland for sale in Australia?

2 Jun 2014 #1

Is there any Polish white or red wine available for sale in Australia, specifically around Adelaide? I realise the Polish industry is very small and interest from non Poles in Australia regarding wine from that country would be absolutely zero, but I would like to try some if possible. There are a handful of wineries in the east, west and south of the country. When I was in Poland a few years ago I unfortunately didn't seize the opportunity to try some.

Roger5 1 | 1,455
2 Jun 2014 #2
I'd also be interested in trying decent wine from Poland. Is there any? The stuff I see in cartons on the bottom shelves of night shops is for al fresco consumption in municipal recreational areas.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
2 Jun 2014 #3 - they send Polish wines for 20zł to Poland and 75zł to UK, Germany, Ireland, France, Czech Republic.
Roger5 1 | 1,455
2 Jun 2014 #4
Not cheap, is it, Monitor? Do you know of any big supermarkets that carry good Polish wine. I'd be willing to risk 50-60PLN but a case would be a gamble.
cliffk - | 3
30 Apr 2017 #5

Looking for Polish wine in Melbourne

Hi , does anyone know where I can Polish wine in Australia? Dan Murphy et al does not seem to have and i am having a wine night and I said Polish wine soo I need help !
Marsupial - | 886
30 Apr 2017 #6
I didnt know there was such a thing.
WhirlwindTobias - | 88
30 Apr 2017 #7
Last time I checked, when going to Auchan all the wines are from other countries.
jon357 72 | 21,047
30 Apr 2017 #8
polish wine

It does exist, however very little is produced and due to issues with excise duty, even less is sold on the open market. I'd be very very surprised if any reaches Australia.

If you haven't drunk any, you may be interested to know that it's white wine, very much in the German style (the wine growing region was in Germany pre-1945). There is (and your local Polish grocer may stock it) red wine with herbs and various chemicals in, made for heating up. That's just mixed and labelled in Poland though. The grapes are grown elsewhere.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,063
30 Apr 2017 #9
There are probably six wineries , some set up by skilled foreigners who are bringing their talent to Poland.see below

No problem growing the grapes here I have plenty, (made wine once ended up with vinegar my fault) maybe its know how and or excise duty as jon has stated.
jon357 72 | 21,047
30 Apr 2017 #10
excise duty

Basically the companies who import wholesale wine make a lot of problems for local producers - they don't want the competition.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,063
30 Apr 2017 #11
When I see Polish wine for sale it is really quite expensive compared to other European offerings., I think the Andoria wine I mentioned above is about 90zl a bottle.
jon357 72 | 21,047
30 Apr 2017 #12
It's a niche market, currently bought largely as a novelty (and generally sold as quickly as it's made). I hope that changes with time, however now, there's not much to distinguish it from an average but decent German wine except the novelty value.

The best place to try it is at the annual wine festival in Zielona Gora. A few years ago that was the only way to sample it due to the excise issue not allowing it at the time to be sold retail.

I really wouldn't think any is available in Australia. Exporting wine there would be a bit like sending coals to Newcastle.
cliffk - | 3
30 Apr 2017 #13
Thanks for the info so far! Is there any other types of wine that are not grape based then ? Or am I clutching at straws ?
jon357 72 | 21,047
30 Apr 2017 #14
Is there any other types of wine that are not grape based then

Yes. There are fruit based wines. A few good ones exist, however most are sold on the bottom shelf behind the counter with street drinkers in mind. There's also sparkling pear-based 'wine' (usually with Russian writing on the label in order to suggest that it's 'soviet champagne') which is very cheap and barely drinkable.
cliffk - | 3
30 Apr 2017 #15
Thanks, where in Melbourne can I get the fruit based wine? I don't want cherry vodka, I have that already :-)
jon357 72 | 21,047
30 Apr 2017 #16
I doubt it's on sale there - the drinkable stuff isn't even very popular here in Poland now. You might try a Polish delicatessen, that's probably the best bet.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,430
30 Apr 2017 #17
There's also sparkling pear-based 'wine' which is very cheap and barely drinkable.

Now now. I drank a bottle once, and it was quite acceptable after a few mouthfuls killed the senses.

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