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Any Polish people living in Australia

Aussie K
15 Aug 2006 #1
My whole theme is Australia. Trying to retrieve as much information as possible.

I am curious to find out anyone's experience with Australia, the Aussie people, the land, the food and work on a first hand basis.

If you live in Australia and are polish I would especially like to hear from you.

Thanks for the help.
15 Aug 2006 #2
I think you can ask lef from Australia...
OP Aussie K
15 Aug 2006 #3
Thanks everyone, I sent lef a note.

Curious what he says.

Thanks again for all your help.

lef 11 | 478
15 Aug 2006 #4
If you live in Australia and are polish I would especially like to hear from you.

I am was born in the land of the oz, both parents born in poland, both did not return to poland after the war.

Been to Poland 10 times, usa once, holy land once, know Australia inside out, ask any question and you will get no lie...

I'm thinking about migration to Australia in next 5 years ..

Tomek, I am living in Australia, (have Polish parents) feel free to ask any questions or advice.. I'm thinking about returning to Poland!
krysia 23 | 3,058
25 Feb 2007 #5
I have a question lef. How do they tax you in Australia?
1.How much do they take out from your paycheck, much do you pay for property taxes, much capital gain taxes when you sell property,
4.How much tax do you pay when buying in stores
In the US they tax you on everything you can think of. You buy a house, you pay taxes, buy anything pay taxes(Depending on the state, here it's 5.5%) you sell a house, you pay taxes (40% called capital gains) then you pay property taxes every year on property you own, then if you make a certain amount you pay the goverment more taxes.

You just can't win in the US with all those taxes. How is this situation in Australia?
lef 11 | 478
26 Feb 2007 #6
Its a easy question to answer, but very hard to explain if you get the drift, Like all other things, there are two things certain in life, death and taxes.

The method is similar to that in the US, for a wage and salary earner, tax is taken out at the required rate by the employer, which is,

Taxable income
tax on this income

$0 – $6,000

$6,001 – $25,000
15c for each $1 over $6,000

$25,001 – $75,000
$2,850 plus 30c for each $1 over $25,000

$75,001 – $150,000
$17,850 plus 40c for each $1 over $75,000

Over $150,000
$47,850 plus 45c for each $1 over $150,000

When you live in the family home, you only pay the relevant council rates, (this includes garbage, parks and garden maintenance etc.. (approx $1000 on a average size property)

Capital gains. there is a sliding scale, you pay tax on the gain minus allowable deductions.

Buying stores well a bit complicated, we have a 10% GST on goods that meet the umbrella of the GST.

When you buy a property in Victoria ( a state of oz) you have to pay a tax ie, a average property worth approx 350,000A$ a tax of 26,000A$. (each state has different rules)

In short there are Federal government taxes, States taxes and local Goverment fees, I can only predict that the same type of fees and charges will hit Poland especially regarding profit from investments and local government charges.

I quess Krysia, if we had no money we wouldn't be complaining?
King Sobieski 2 | 716
26 Feb 2007 #7
my situation is the same as Lef's, im sure between us we can be a wealth of information.

Buying stores well a bit complicated, we have a 10% GST on goods that meet the umbrella of the GST.

This is already embedded in the purchase price and not added on when you get to the til.
10 Sep 2008 #8
hello my bf is polish, and we want to travel around oz in jan, so you know whether polish people are accepted for visas???
King Sobieski 2 | 716
10 Sep 2008 #9
you would have to look up the government website but i think you may have to pay a certain amount for like 1-3 month visa.

just a word of warning, january is usually our hottest time.
ReasonableDoubt - | 1
11 Nov 2008 #10
Can i just add that WA is the best state to live in haha
jamesams1357 - | 35
18 Jan 2010 #11
australia got no bill rights thats why the government and courts can violate human rights and get away with it
King Sobieski 2 | 716
21 Jan 2010 #14
yeah, i was in a bar the other day, bent over to pick some money up and now my arse hurts!!!
27 Mar 2010 #15
Hi I am an australian and my grandfather is polish he was born in Wilno i would like to chat with any polish people out there to see if they can answer any questions i have

regards Kel
paulafrompoland - | 13
12 Apr 2010 #16
I am Polish woman from Poland but now I am in Australia (study english). I was dreaming about Australia. I love this country!
tomasz - | 2
13 Apr 2010 #17
[Moved from]: Looking for Polish people to chat with in Australia

Hi everyone looking for polish chat in australia, thanks
Gosiaa 2 | 89
13 Apr 2010 #18
not that many Polish ppl in OZ
paulafrompoland - | 13
13 Apr 2010 #19
I am in Sydney now ;-) But my English is not good, believe me. I have been learning this language here, in Australia. But I am a polish teacher ;-)
tomasz - | 2
14 Apr 2010 #20
thanks Paula but I am looking for internet address. (rozmowy w internecie dla polonii aust.) Have a good time in Sydney.
PS. If U planning to travel to QLD (Freser Island) let me know, maybe I could help.

Thanks Gosia I stuffed my message, Internet address that is what I am after. Could U help? Dzieki
8 May 2011 #21
Hi, I'm looking for a tour in Australia for my mother in law (Polish speaking only) for approx 10 days. Do you know of any company of Polish speaking people that take tours? Say QLD and NSW etc?


6 Jul 2011 #22
Im looking for a polish Man...his name is Arkadiush he was in Spain almost 30 years ago....after that he went to Australia im his old friend which we meet in Spain....if you know him please ask him to contact me in tamhid1@yahoo,tnx
18 Oct 2013 #23
Im polish guy living in the US anybody know hows life in Australia and also what are the chances for me to get a long term work visa to australia....I am a truck driver in America. Thanks
TaiCat 1 | 30
19 Oct 2013 #24
I live in Adelaide, I am doing it rather low-key compared to others (since I'm a student anyway) but I know some ways to get around
pierogi2000 4 | 229
19 Oct 2013 #25
Try the website MeetUp.

I had much success in Europe
20 Oct 2013 #26
hey am polish live in perth
9 Jul 2014 #27
Hi I'm in Australia hope to chat with you soon
1 Oct 2014 #28
Hi! My husband and I are concidering moving to Australia, Brisbane. We are both Poles and were wondering how hard it is to get a job in there and what australian people think of polish people. Is there any prejudice (like in ┬░Europe)?

1 Oct 2014 #29
yes there is prejudice watch out for irish they don't like polish
milenka123 - | 1
23 Oct 2014 #30
Please help me to get first info about moving from USA to Australia.


I am pure Polish mature woman.
I am willing to answer all your questions.
Contact me via email
Presently I am living in USA.
Have plan to move to Australia.
I also would like to ask a few questions about Australia and Polish communities there.
I speak and write in Polish .
Talk to you later.
All the best.

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