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New start in Australia (technical electronic study)

Electric 1 | -
1 Nov 2010 #1
Hi everyone.
I from Poland.For 2 years I'll finish my school and I'll get my profession technical electronic.After this I want to arrive to Australia for permanent.My English is pretty good-you can value me ; ) Could I get a visa to work with my profession(General Skilled Migration) for permanent? Anyone have jobs for me in this profession technical electronic? I'll have all certificate's.Anyone have any ideas?

Ashleys mind 3 | 455
10 Nov 2010 #2
Hi there.

Don't have much advice for you as i've only just returned myself. But i'm sure in two years you will have it all sorted. Try and improve your English if you can as that will help immensely.

I gather you want to leave Poland for good and settle here... that's great. Where in particular? What do you know of the place (apart from kosciusko?) ;) and do you have family "downunder"?

You do know there are snakes here... ;)

almer 1 | 9
11 Nov 2010 #3
hi mate i ve completed my university in Australia and got permanent sitting from there but it s not easy to get it at least it was for me not easy. you should go there bro and work but first thing s that you should improve ur english and write the best cv for yourself. as i understood u ll get visa to work first ? how do u planning to get it ?
A J 4 | 1,088
11 Nov 2010 #4
You should contact the embassy and explore your options. Once you've figured it all out you could go to Australia for a short leave first, and get in touch with a few agencies and employers if you can, and try to sort something out. I'm sure your education will get you somewhere, as there's a great demand for qualified technical personel at the moment all around the globe. Just explore your options. Don't stick infront of the internet, because most people can only tell you so much. Just act on it, and you'll do fine.

almer 1 | 9
11 Nov 2010 #5
yeah he is right bro. if u go to Australia, u should visit Gold Coast and Noosa.
dnz 17 | 710
11 Nov 2010 #6
Find an employer first and try to come in to Australia on a 457 visa, After 2 yeas i think you can apply for permanent residency.

Good Luck!
f stop 25 | 2,513
11 Nov 2010 #7
.. all of the jobs I've seen there are for those who already have the work permits.


Living and studying on the Gold Coast - Australia (master degree student)

"also i want to live there in goldcoast..n i want to do G.I.S course after my master degree in geography.which university will beter for this course n what kind of job i'll get.. but 1 strong problem i have that my english is quite poor. what can i do?"

Hi ! Rosie here. Go to griffith university website. This is on the coast but many unis have campuses along the coast. Bond university is an international one you can try. Bye!

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