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Looking for new friends in Melbourne

MKM 1 | 2
24 Jul 2011 #1
Hello people,

my name is Marta and I just arrived in Melbourne. I am going to stay in Australia for the next 6 months in order to finish my study and I would love to make some new friends! I am looking for someaone to go shopping with or go out and talk.

My email adress

I look forward to your mails.

love greetings
antheads 13 | 366
24 Jul 2011 #2
hey marta, nice to meet you, apparently there are 30, 000 polish people in melbourne.. I'm in townsville but have heard good things about this site in melbs..

enjoy australia!
King Sobieski 2 | 716
25 Jul 2011 #3
hey marta, how old are you?

there are dziupla's and there is a site that has meet up thingy's:

hope you enjoy your stay here.
OP MKM 1 | 2
25 Jul 2011 #4
Hey thank you, but I have seen that the next appointment at Dziupla is Bal Andrzejkowy on November 26. It takes a long time till this event.
King Sobieski 2 | 716
26 Jul 2011 #5
and there will be the polish festival in fed square by that time.

i dont know that those dziupla's are the way to meet like minded people anyway.

whereabouts are you staying?
moniccca 1 | 3
8 Aug 2011 #6
Hello Marta!
Welcome to Melbourne :) Would you like to meet up for a coffee some day?
OP MKM 1 | 2
18 Aug 2011 #8
Hi Monika,

it will be great to meet you. Please contact me via email ( and I will send you my phone numer.

King Sobieski 2 | 716
18 Aug 2011 #9
marta, you shouldnt post your email address, too many weirdo's lurking around.

good to see you found someone to chat with though.
heban - | 2
18 Jul 2012 #10
[Moved from]: New in Melbourne, looking to meet ppl.

Hello :)

Month ago my boyfriend and I moved to Melbourne.
I am new here and don't know anybody :( I am looking to meet new people.

If you are free and fancy coffee and chat etc drop me a line.

19 Aug 2012 #11
Czesc ,my rownież jesteśmy całkiem nowi w Melbourne:)mój email:cr44in at gmail odezwij sie to moze umowimu sie na Kawe:)monika

Please use English language on this forum, thanks.
19 Sep 2012 #12
we are moving to Melbourne at the end of November with a 3 year old son.
I would love to meet some people who are already there or are also moving.
My email address is meapl at yahoo.
pannaanna - | 1
15 Oct 2012 #13
Hey, I'm Anna and I'm 26yo architect. I have been in Melbourne since February. I want to meet new friends who live in Melbourne ;))
tomasz1986 - | 1
15 Nov 2012 #15
Hey Marta and Anna, I am Tom, 26 years old from Poland, currently living in Melbourne. Send a text so we can catch up for a coffee or so. 0432238022.
King Sobieski 2 | 716
27 Nov 2012 #16
i think marta has departed the polish forum shores:

Last Post Aug 18, 11, 05:39
21 Dec 2014 #17
Hey, are You still in Australia?
eveash - | 1
6 Sep 2015 #18
Merged: Seeking female (20s-30ish) Polish speaker for doco in Melbourne - blue eyes, light brown hair

I am filming a sequence in a documentary set in Melbourne, 1949 about my Polish mum so need to find a similar looking woman for a scene where she meets a man on a bus, and has Polish accent, blue eyes, ideally light brown curly hair...Does anyone know anyone. No previous acting experience required.
8 Feb 2017 #19

Polish - Spanish speaking couple in Melbourne? Or Polish - Asian/European?

I am Polish and my wife is from Chile, we live in Melbourne. We are looking to make friends with other Polish - Spanish speaking couples in Melbourne. But we also like to meet with other mixed couples for chat, cafe, beer, weekend travel, picnic, etc

If you are from Poland and your wife or husband or boyfriend or girlfriend is from Latin America, Spain, Central America, Asia, Africa or Europe, please contact us. Stan

my email: gitanocriollo@gmail

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