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New here and in Australia :) finally Permanent Resident

tomekpl 1 | 3
27 Oct 2011 #1

i am pretty new here in this community and in Australia.

Just a quick background check:
Me and my parents are from Poland and I am born in Niemodlyn (10.06.1986).
When i was 2 years old my parents moved with me to Germany where I grew up.
During this time a forgot most of my polish - i am still able to speak and understand quite
a bit but i also would like to improve it. However, in Australia I arrived on the 10.12.2009
with my Work & Holiday Visa.
During this Visa time I applied for a sponsorship visa to get my permanent residency, which i finally have.

Currently I live in Griffith, which is like 2nd Italy ...
I haven't really met any one with polish backgrounds yet, just once when i was in Sydney at the Alchemy Restaurant.

Since I am Permanent Residence and will stick at least the next 2 years in Australia it would be
nice to make some new polish friends :)

It's so boring drinking all the spirits (zolodkowa, spyritus etc.) alone (with none polish) my parents sent me over :)

Kazikowski 17 | 101
27 Oct 2011 #2
Best place to find Polish people is the Polish Club. Every major city in OZ has one. Speak to people around there and you'll instantly make contacts.
OP tomekpl 1 | 3
28 Oct 2011 #3
Haha yeah thought so ... but i live like 7-8h away from adelaide, melbourne, sydney :D ..
and this at least for the next 2 years (permanent residence condition) :(
gumishu 13 | 6,064
28 Oct 2011 #4
you must be living in McQuirie Island then ;)
Kazikowski 17 | 101
28 Oct 2011 #5
It actually is quite difficult to find real polish friends in OZ. not so difficult to find australianised poles as theyre almost all the poles I ever got to know. Even in uni, people of all races and nationality could find they're own, but not me, I was the ONLY frickin pole whom anyone ever knew. Actually at times.depressing, as it makes u feel like the mammoth from ice age, lonely in a way.

my suggestion,.is to find european and brittish friends, but good luck in finding polish friends. Maybe youll get lucky.

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