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Polish mums in Brisbane

Krajanka 1 | -
13 Jul 2010 #1
Any Polish mums living in Brisbane?
hola_g - | 1
4 Nov 2011 #2
hey Krajanka, are u still looking for polish mums in brisbane?
happy to meet for coffee or play with kids.
tureksylwia - | 6
20 Apr 2012 #3
Hi, I'm looking for polish mums in Brisbane. We've just moved and I'm very keen to meet some people. I have three kids, two boys at school, and an almost 2-years old girl. If someone is interested please contact me.
28 Apr 2012 #4
Can we meet in Carindale Library after Story Time every Tuesday? I have 3 years daughter.
tureksylwia - | 6
30 Apr 2012 #5
matka_polka what time is it? I would love to come.
30 Apr 2012 #6
Every Tuesday 10.00am.
You can also check on website location, opening hours and activity for children.
tureksylwia - | 6
30 Apr 2012 #7
Are you going to be there tomorrow? I can come with my 2year old daughter. Isn't she too young for it?
30 Apr 2012 #8
We are usually on Tuesday and Wednesday. My daughter prefers to sing and dance so maybe better on Wednesday Toddler Time( 10.00)?
tureksylwia - | 6
30 Apr 2012 #9
Ok, we will be there on Wednesday. And after that, maybe some coffee? Is this library in Westfield shopping center?
30 Apr 2012 #10
I like coffee :) Westfield Carindale. See you there.
Anna L
15 Jun 2012 #11
Hi, I'm interested in meeting other Polish mums around the Carindale/Mount Gravatt area. I have a 2-year old daughter.
18 Jun 2012 #12
I'm Maja from Sunnybank Hills. I have a two year old Amelia and a 4 months old Martyna. It would be lovely to meet another Polish mum with a child :)
tureksylwia - | 6
19 Jun 2012 #13
Hi, there will be a meeting of Polish mums tomorrow (20.06.) at my place. If you want to join us write on my e-mail

29 Jun 2012 #14
Hi there!

Are you planning on another catch up? If so, I would be interested too. I live in redlands bayside. Kaska.
marry_131 - | 1
4 Jan 2013 #15

I just moved to Brisbane and I would be very much interested to meet some Polish mums. I have a 6 months old daughter and live in the inner West area of Brisbane.

If there are any mums interested to meet for a coffee please let me know.

tureksylwia - | 6
4 Jan 2013 #16
We have big Polish Mums group in Brisbane. We meet almost every week in different locations. Write on my e-mail and I will send you the details.

14 Apr 2013 #17

I came across this forum and was wondering if Polish mums are still meeting on regular babsi. I have 3 months old son and would be interested.

15 Apr 2013 #18
You can find us on fb Matka Polka w Brisbane. See you there.

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