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Moving from Australia to Warsaw- any advice on means of transporting stuff?

85martinis 1 | 3
1 Apr 2013 #1
Hi all,
I'm planning to move in a year or so from Sydney to Warsaw. I don't have heaps of stuff to move (probably not taking any furniture), but still after you pack all your belongings it usually ends up being quite a big pile.

I was considering shipping it with freight by AusPost, which ends up being $200 for 20kg package (there would be a few of those probably), but would be happy to send out a small shipping container on a freight if there is any company offering such a thing.

I was hoping that someone would already have some experience here and could share some good advice on a cheapest way to move.

I wrote two Polish companies which supposedly do removals between Australia and Poland (Korpol and Korpak) but I guess they are overflooded with clients and don't need any more of them since they never replied to my emails.

So I'd appreciate if you shared your experience or research results on good and cheap ways of moving/shipping quite a lot of stuff.

I don't mind it taking a few months to reach Poland (as it will probably be with freight), but I wouldn't like to pay through the nose for it as it usually is with international removalist companies.

30 Sep 2013 #2
Hi Martyna,

I actually using Korpak and Im very happy with the service. I guess the best way is to call them.
If you need a phone number or you need some help to communicate with them , please let me know .

My email -

Take care,
Margaret :o)
OP 85martinis 1 | 3
14 Jan 2014 #3
Thanks for that. Unfortunately I found that neither Korpak or Korpol replies emails... I will have to try calling them I guess... But I so much prefer to have it all in writing.

I'm looking around still for cheapest way to send my things to Poland. It is really hard cause there are a lot of additional costs that some companies don't tell you about explicitly. And the differences in quotes between companies are humongous.

Still will appreciate any advise on the cheapest transport from you, forum folks!
MIPK - | 69
14 Jan 2014 #4
When I moved I sent a 20kg parcel via Aus Post, took 3 months to arrive, box slightly battered but ok. My folks sent me a similar size parcel last year via Pack&Send (DHL) and I got smacked with import duty on the cost of posting the parcel, luckily didnt get hit with duty on items enclosed as it was noted that I'd moved country & they were personal possessions. Shipping companies were quoting in the thousands to ship stuff over in a container, so i just sold off all my furniture etc. stored some stuff with the folks. Now everything like Xmas parcels that I get sent from Oz goes via Aus Post, anything via courier companies is instantly picked up for payment of duty. Hope that helps!
OP 85martinis 1 | 3
23 Jan 2014 #5
After a lot of googling, emailing, calling and comparing offers, I figured that with a move like mine (no furniture), the cheapest option will be Korpak (or Korpol).

Korpak sounds like a much better option as the owner - Krystyna - is heaps nicer and easier to talk to than the lady from Korpol.

I will let you know how it went (as info for whoever needs to send their stuff to Poland in the future).

Thank you, goha_p and MIPK, for your replies and advice!

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