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Meeting Poles in Adelaide

Wiedun 1 | -
28 Jan 2010 #1
Are any Poles living in Adelaide - South Australia? If yes, how many, and how can I meet with them after going there?
dnz 17 | 710
28 Jan 2010 #2
Theres approx 6.78 poles in Adelaide, As for meeting them...
King Sobieski 2 | 716
29 Jan 2010 #3
i think adelaide has the biggest polish community in polish clubs/restaurants in adelaide and you should get a number of places.

i even think there are some previous threads on this very subject.
27 Aug 2010 #4
Yer it's a pretty huge community here in Adelaide.
renato - | 2
23 May 2012 #5
Hi, I am from Adelaide. There is quite a few Poles around, and there is large Polish club here.

Good luck.
5 Nov 2012 #6
Merged: Are there any nice Poles in Adelaide ?

I just moved to Australia from UK with my houseband.I am wondering if there are any nice poles in Adelaide ?
we don't know much and will be great to meet new people.
Hope to chat to you soon..;)
good day.M
Varsovian 92 | 634
5 Nov 2012 #7
Hope you enjoy the weather!
Dominika99 1 | 93
5 Nov 2012 #8
I know some, but they're all in Sydney...

Good luck, though, and have fun exploring :)
TheOther 5 | 3,711
5 Nov 2012 #9
Hope you enjoy the weather!

Nice weather, yes, but the city will bore her to death... :)
cookie720 - | 1
19 Nov 2012 #10
Yes, and the nicest dance in the Polish Folkloric group Tatry!

Come watch us and JOIN! New members are always welcome! is the new website
Aga2014 - | 1
27 Oct 2014 #11
Hi Merka,
How are you? Did you settled in Adelaide? Are you still there? I am interested about this part of the World, will be great if anyone from Adelaide talk to me please.

20 Feb 2015 #12
Merged: Mums with bubs in Adelaide


I'm looking to connect with mums in Adelaide. I'm 29, Polish and have been living in Adelaide for 3 years now. My son is nearly 8 months old and I would love for him to have some little friends to play and speak Polish with. If it sounds like you or you know someone who might be interested, please let me know. I'd love to meet up for coffee.


P.S. I've just realised, I probably should've written this in Polish? ;)

No, English is the language on this forum.
2 Mar 2015 #13
Merged: need a friend

hello I'm looking for a polish friend that can speake polish with . I'm 17 in Adelaide just started leaning polish 18 of February
i really what to get to know anyone that is 16 to 19 girl
8 Aug 2015 #14
Merged: lean Polish

i'm wanting to lean polish, i can't find anyone in Adelaide that will teach one on one lesson. so is there anyone that is willing to help me or maybe give me polish lesson or know or lives in Adelaide city or near woodcroft.
12 Jan 2017 #15

Polish tattoo artist in Adelaide, Australia

Hello, I am seeking to get my mother's family name Sieniszkiewicz tattooed. Can anyone recommend or know of a Polish tattoo artist in Adeliade or Australia? As I would like it a natural form of text/writing. Thank you :)

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