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Mail/courier options for sending packages back to Australia

gyrex 2 | 5
11 Aug 2015 #1
Hi guys,

I'm hoping someone might help me. I just sent my first package back to Australia and upon posting the package at Poczta Polska I stressed to the lady that I wanted to send it "air mail only" and "not sea mail" and used google translate a number of times to stress this. My family has been waiting 4 weeks so I called Poczta Polska and have subsequently been informed that my package did indeed go via seal mail *facepalm*. haha OK, I'm not blaming anyone and it's a new post office so maybe the woman wasn't too up-to-date with the methods of delivery or maybe it was the fact that my Polish stinks so I'm happy to take the blame here too.

Either way, what is the cheapest and most economical method of air mail/courier service from Poland to Australia for packages of 1-4kg?

Many thanks for your help in advance,

Looker - | 1,134
11 Aug 2015 #2
Check Polish couriers price comparison for an example package of 3kg:

If the package is smaller - up to 2kg, then I think the best option is to use Poczta Polska after all. But ask for list (small packet) and priorytet (priority = air mail) - dimensions available and prices in the link below:

Although the cheapest option could be to find someone on Australia forum who moves there - they sometimes have some extra space in a container.

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Use Normal post from Post Office.
It is quite cheap :p

Also, you can find some polish cargo companies online. one is called Mazur i sent parcels with them . ordinary post is very expensive.

OP gyrex 2 | 5
11 Aug 2015 #3
Thank you so much for your help Looker!!! Next time I'll try and send "letters" rather than a "package" it's a tenth of the price!!! Thank you so much :)
Jaimeg 2 | 6
1 Nov 2019 #4
Hi all, what is the current cheapest way to send about 80 kg of clothes and small apartment things to Sydney? I'm moving back in 2020

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