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I would love to meet Poles living in Sydney

29 Jan 2008 #1
Hello to All! My name is Dagmara, I am 28, from Krakow. I would be delighted to meet some Polish people living in Sydney. Let me know if you have a bit of time for a chat.
robertcz - | 1
8 Feb 2008 #2
Hi Dagmara,
would be happy to meet. My name's Robert, am a fluent Polish speaker. Mail be on robertcz AT gmail DOT com. I love coffee ;)
EuroFutbol - | 9
11 Feb 2008 #3
Czesc Daga,
Nie z Sydney ale z okolic. Podaje email: damiann_1 AT hotmail DOT com
Aggie79 1 | 1
14 Feb 2008 #4
Hi Daga,

My name is Agnieszka, I am also 28 and live in Sydney. Moved to AU permanenly 1,5 years ago from Gdansk.

Let me know if you want to catch up.


drewster - | 1
18 Feb 2008 #5
I am from Sydney and have been to Poland 3 times. I am not Polish but love the country and would like to meet Polish people in Sydney. I am also learning the language.
OP Daga
26 Feb 2008 #6
Anybody interested to catch up, we can all meet in one place and maybe work on creating yet another polish community. We could catch up in a polish club in Ashfield (direct train from Redfern), maybe one Sunday around 1 pm for some pierogi/golabki/schabowy, whatever your favourite polish dish is. Please let me know who is interested.


Gosiaa 2 | 89
27 Feb 2008 #7

Good idea, but one small thing how one can contact you Daga if you just a guest on this forum ?
leflow - | 8
28 Feb 2008 #8
I think you'll have to tell her that in person.

I mite pop around if i'm up at that time...
Gosiaa 2 | 89
28 Feb 2008 #9
before we meet in real place and time why not just meet
at a specified time on the forum ?
OP Daga
28 Feb 2008 #10
my email is: dagmarka2000@yahoo anybody interested in catching up, drop me a line
Ozi Dan 26 | 566
29 Feb 2008 #11
Hi guys,

I received an invite through my PM. Thanks a lot for thinking about me, but I'm in Qld, so I cant make it. Bummer! Have a vodka for me!!
OP Daga
2 Mar 2008 #12
Kochani, w ten weekend spotkanie nie wyszlo, siadl mi internet w domku, a do kafejki nie mialam czasu zajrzec. Proponuje spotkanie juz po swietach, 30 marca, w niedziele, w klubie Ashfiled. Tam jest fajna polska restauracja. Klub w Ashfield jest na ulicy Norton Steet – wysiadajac z metra trzeba sie znalezc po stronie Brown Street – Isc ta ulica do momentu, az przetnie ja Liverpool, skrecic na skrzyzowaniu Brown I Liverpool, minac polski sklep po lewej stronie (Liverpool 181) I na przeciwko jest Klub Polski. Proponuje lunch, w okolicach 13.30 w resrauracji Nadwislanskiej w Ashfield. Mysle, ze czasu jest wystarczajaco duzo, zeby kazdy dowiedzial sie gdzie to jest, zarezerwowal sobie czas I rozpropagowal wiadomosc wsrod innych Polskich znajomych. Dajcie znac co o tym sadzicie.

Pozdrawiam serdecznie!
24 Mar 2008 #13
Has anyone been to the new Polish Restaurant in Glebe

The Polish Club in Ashfield is OK but NA ZDROWIE in Glebe looks nice
hancock 1 | 95
24 Mar 2008 #14
sorry they all died when Rudd and the flood happened
stashy - | 1
27 Mar 2008 #15
Beata - | 2
4 Apr 2008 #16
Hey,my name is Beata and I'm from Gdansk, in July I'm coming to study in Sydney, I'm going there alone and I'm completely scared to don't know anyone,

I would like to meet some new people there:)is it chance to get any friends?:)
maybe some advices?:)
Easy_Terran 3 | 312
5 Apr 2008 #17
Ahh.... Sydney.
Did my little share in Polish club in Ashfield, but preferred to hang out at Scruffy Murphy's in downtown - Guiness over there was 'nieziemsko dobry', and other Irish pub block or two north from Queen Victoria Building.

Damn! I really want to go back and live there!

Sorry for that off-topic, personal BS.
Pawel 3 | 125
7 Apr 2008 #18
maybe some advices?:

Feel free to ask any questions. were in sydney are you staying?
Seanus 15 | 19,672
7 Apr 2008 #19
Some advice, just be open. The Aussies are a really friendly bunch, u just need to understand their humour. Learn some Aussie slang, that'll impress them.

Get a dog up ye
Pawel 3 | 125
7 Apr 2008 #20
The Aussies are a really friendly bunch,

Ok u must not live in Australia...
lef 11 | 477
7 Apr 2008 #21
Aussie slang, that'll impress them

That is not true, just be yourself and be honest thats all you need to do and don't forget to shout a beer.
Seanus 15 | 19,672
7 Apr 2008 #22
Well, the Aussies I was with liked a bit of slang being used.
lef 11 | 477
7 Apr 2008 #23
nothing worse than seeing somebody imitate aussie slang, its got to come natural.
Beata - | 2
9 Apr 2008 #24
Pawel: I don't know yet where I'll stay exactly, I know only I'll study at Ultimo,
I'm still in Denmark and I'm only dreaming about Australia for now:)And I've got ticket yesterday, so I know when I go there at least:)

Seanus: I think I'm open person, so I think it shouldn`t be a problem:)
marta0202 - | 1
2 Mar 2010 #25
Merged: Where are some Polish people in Sydney?

Hello everyone! My name is Marta, I am 30yo and I am living currently in Sydney. I grew up in Australia but was born in Poland, and have been living overseas until recently. I would love to get to know some Polish people around Sydney. I actually live more in the country area about 40 minutes from the city. I work as a vet, and also love to socialise and meet new people. I have pretty varied interests spanning from snow boarding/ cooking/ outdoor sports/ music and pretty normal things. If anyone is interested give me a shout on this website or you can email at: marta_wereszka@hotmail. Alternatively it would be great to get a group of young Polish people together to just get to know each other. I have looked around for Polish clubs but that led me to this site!

Anyhow hope to hear from some of you out there!!

Marta :)
22 Mar 2010 #26
hi marta, my story sounds very similar to yours. i was born in poland, moved here when i was 11 but after finishing uni i left for the uk where i lived and worked for the last 8 years. i recently decided to return to sydney and would loveto make some new friends here. email me on magda_lipathotmaildotcom x
King Sobieski 2 | 714
22 Mar 2010 #27
girls, remove your email addresses, you dont know what filth lurks around here.
30 Jun 2010 #28
Hi! My name is Joanna and I arrived to Sydney 7 months ago. I'm polish 25 years old girl from Cracow in Poland but now I'm a permanent resident in Australia. I haven't met here anybody from Poland yet and I would really like to. Anybody here? :) Please contact me:
vwgeoff60 - | 4
5 Jul 2010 #29
i would love to meet poles living in mackay north queensland,i was born here(sydney)can speak polish pretty good....horop4 at hotmail dot com
Aus reader
30 Aug 2010 #30
Get a dog up ye

It's "Get a dog up ya"
and it's not common slang...
Not in Melbourne anyway.

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