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Polish language books for donation in Melbourne

Happy helper
2 Jul 2013 #1
Hi all, I have about 50 Polish language books (fiction) that my grandmother cannot use anymore and I was looking for a way to donate them/give them to a club/organization or person who could use them, I am Melbourne based. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks
DominicB - | 2,709
2 Jul 2013 #2
St Ignatius' Church
326 Church Street
Richmond Vic 3121

(03) 8420 6789

They serve the local Polish community, and would more than likely find a good home for those books.
OP Happy helper
3 Jul 2013 #3
Thank you so much, will do
22 Feb 2014 #4
Alternatively The Polish Community Council of Victoria run Polish Activity Groups (PAG) and provide care packages to Polish People in Victoria. I am sure they would welcome such a donation.

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