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Looking for Polish immigration lawyer in Sydney

Uri 1 | -
8 Mar 2010 #1
Hello all,

I am looking for a good immigration lawyer to handle my immigration case for me. Either in Sydney, or in Poland, (as long as they speak good English). If you can reccommend someone, please let me know.

Briefly: My father and his family were Polish jews for many generations (he is deceased). After spending WWII in various concentration camps (thankfully he was liberated from Auschwitz) he was offered to emigrate to Australia. but had to renounce his Polish citizenship in order to do so.

I would like to gain Polish citizenship, as I am the descendant of a Polish father. I understand that theoretically, as he renounced his citizenship I am not eligible to do so, but I would argue that he was forced to renounce it, as he had to get out of Poland to survive.

I have read that there are now descendants of Polish jews who were purged in the 60's who are now regaining their citizenship, so it's quite a similar case I think.

Any help much appreciated!
Matowy - | 295
8 Mar 2010 #2
Why do you want Polish citizenship? EU benefits?
beelzebub - | 444
8 Mar 2010 #3
Noticed you didn't comment about f-stop doing that in the USA. Funny how that works when it is a Pole doing it nobody here is upset. But dare anyone use no that just won't do.
Matowy - | 295
8 Mar 2010 #4
f stop is only going to be using the U.S, so it's OK. The U.S has more money than brains, so there's no reason not to take full advantage of it.
beelzebub - | 444
8 Mar 2010 #5
For just undid any credibility you may have had here. Well done :))

I don't want to hear another word from any of you bints about people being anti-polish. You can't have it both ways.

Besides you have made it clear you have never even lived in you actually have no idea what you are talking about on most issues presented here. Yet you go on and on and on. Funny that.
King Sobieski 2 | 716
8 Mar 2010 #6
polaron i think.

they do charge an arm and leg, but they do all the work for you.

and matowy, im contemplating initiating the same procedure, not for eu benefits but so that if i ever decide to travel to europe i can travel easier. and so my future children (god help the world) can also freely travel to europe and work if they so wish.
Matowy - | 295
8 Mar 2010 #7
I was not condemning it, just asking why the poster wants Polish citizenship. There are few benefits other than EU citizenship.
King Sobieski 2 | 716
8 Mar 2010 #8
i daresay we wont hear from uri again...polish forums is littered with one and done posts.

as australians we can get visa's to work in most european countries for a year so not sure if that is the op's main reason.
ALN Legal
9 Mar 2010 #9
Dear Poster,

I am an immigration lawyer with an office in Sydney, Australia. I have been in practise for over 10 years and, mainly, in Australia, and so have a good command of written and verbal English.

Previously, I have been involved in issues highlighted in your post concerning migrations in Australia renouncing their passports of their birth countries.

Please visit my website at where, you will see who we are, what services we provide and our contact details (in the "Contact Us" section).

Due to the sensitive nature of immigration law and our strong ethics in keeping client relationship confidential, I prefer to discuss your matter by personal correspondence, after you send me an email.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
10 Mar 2010 #10
There are few benefits other than EU citizenship.

You mean Polish citizenship...EU isnt a country where one can be a can merely move more freely...

Good luck to the OP..
Matowy - | 295
10 Mar 2010 #11
You mean Polish citizenship...EU isnt a country where one can be a can merely move more freely...

You may think you're being clever by desperately trying to contradict me at every turn, but in the end you always prove yourself to be the fool you are.
lawyerssydney - | 1
10 Nov 2010 #12
Business Law Sydney is an independent boutique business law firm with the abilities, experience and resources usually associated with much larger firms. This might help you businesslawsydney (dot)
11 Feb 2011 #13
I am a Polish lawyer based currently in Poland. I have got a lot of experience in those issues, especially in obtaining Polish citizenship by foreigners. My email is:

2 Feb 2013 #14
Dear Uri
Should you still require any legal assistance in this matter, please send me an email on the below address:

I am Polish and Au lawyer based in Sydney and experienced in the subject.

8 Apr 2014 #15
if you still looking for a Polish lawyer
in Australia, visit our website and then call us, should you wish us to take your case.

Concordia Australia
Law Office
sncltu - | 1
19 May 2017 #16
I just now had a very disappointing experience with Concordia in discussing my request for assistance with registering documents in order to satisfy consular requirements. I would not be prepared to recommend them.

If anyone can assist with a recommendation for a legal firm that can deal with the Polish legal system that would be greatly appreciated.

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