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Polish & German Tutoring Options in Melbourne

moniccca 1 | 3
15 Jan 2011 #1
Polish Classes

I am a professional and experienced native Polish teacher with a Master Degree in Linguistics and I offer Polish classes for children, adults and VCE students. If you want to start learning or improve your language skills with professional and friendly tutor, please e-mail me:


Guten Tag,
I am an experienced German tutor who holds a Master's degree in Linguistics and German Literature. I provide private lessons for children and adults who want to start their adventure with German or improve their skills with professional and friendly tutor.

Did you know that German is spoken in 7 west european countries and this fact makes it the most widely spoken language on the continent? Don't wait any longer and contact me now! :)
10 Aug 2011 #3
Hej, Monika!

Read your post and sent you a mail. It was originally sent back, but I re-sent it. Therefore, if you see all sorts of other stuff on the page, you may merrily disregard it and just look for my message below in German-:)
OP moniccca 1 | 3
11 Aug 2011 #4
Hey King Sobieski,

why don't you PM me your mobile no. so we can discuss it further?
tomekpl 1 | 3
27 Oct 2011 #5
I would be very interested to extend my polish skills... my german is fluent - i lived like 20 years in germany and for the last 2 years i am in australia (permanent resident) ..

i lost/forgot most of my polish while i was living in germany ... i was 2 years old when my parents moved with me there...

the only problem is i live in griffith :( which is like 7h from melbourne
26 Jul 2014 #6
Hello. I am interested in learning Polish. I live about 90 mins from Melbourne. I would like my 7 year old son to learn as well. Where are you based and what are your rates please?

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