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Polish football teams in Australia?

zubrowka 1 | 2
6 Oct 2010 #1
hi just wondering of how many still functioning amatuer or semi professional football (soccer teams) there are in australia ,if i could have there names or email or addresses in each state
King Sobieski 2 | 716
7 Oct 2010 #2
try google, i know the white eagles are still going in scumshine in victoria.
OP zubrowka 1 | 2
7 Oct 2010 #3
im from australia just wondering if there anymore than the ones in victoria white eagles and perth cracovia and adelaide polonia

any1 polish here from australia?and know anything bout this topic lol
23 May 2011 #4
There's also White Star Dandenong in south-east suburbs of melbourne
and Breakwater Eagles in Geelong
brisrodney 1 | 18
20 Jul 2011 #5
There used to be one in the western suburb of Albion in Melbourne. Maybe the Sunshine one is the same. Used to be Polonia of Maribynong.

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