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Polish bakery in St Kilda, Melbourne

ASIO 2 | 12
13 Feb 2010 #1
Was strolling down the main street in St Kilda the other day when a bakery caught my with very familiar looking doughnuts, poppy seed cakes, etc on display. It's called Europa bakery, no particular obvious reference to being Polish from the outside except the name on the door 'Janczewski' but when I went inside sure enough there were ladies speaking Polish and the cashier confirmed that it's Polish.

Bought a doughnut, two thumbs up!

Go here: Europa Cake Shop (Victoria, Australia). Not the best reviews but worth visiting.
King Sobieski 2 | 714
13 Feb 2010 #2
they are jewish-polish no?

i think there maybe another on the same strip.

and schzerade restaurant is also on the strip.
camuflager - | 2
28 Feb 2010 #3
If you guys looking for good polish cake shop i would recommended Hortex . The best "paczki" i ever had here in Australia except the one my friend does.

Scheherazade is Rusian polish jew they serve good pierogi and schnytzel. In my opinion Europa cake shop is not the same as before when old owner sold it to Janczewski, but if i'm in st kilda area i go there sometimes.

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