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Australian - Polish Passport / Citizenship

dominicp 1 | -
16 Nov 2012 #1
I was wondering if its possible to get a polish passport/citizenship if both my parents are polish (i know this is possible), i was born in Australia and my parents changed there name when they got to Australia.. but still remains the original in Poland, therefore my surname is different to there surname in poland (Only by one letter, they removed a Z out of it, for easier pronunciation for English speaking people)

Piotr123 3 | 53
17 Nov 2012 #2
Yes, it is possible. It will be even easier if your parents still hold Polish citizenship. There are a lot of formalities though and you will need someone who speaks and writes Polish to help you.
pantsless 1 | 267
17 Nov 2012 #3
Yes, you qualify for citizenship. But instead of asking an internet forum, how about checking the Polish Consulate's website or giving them a call?
17 Nov 2012 #4
Its going to depend on when they became Aussies.
King Sobieski 2 | 716
27 Nov 2012 #5
that depends on when they came over, if they came as displaced persons after the war i am not sure it matters.

but i could be wrong as it was ages ago that i looked it up.
oskarek - | 1
27 Nov 2012 #6
A friend of mine used this company that advertises here, who did some research and processed everything to get his Polish passport: Good luck :D
anna_wisnie - | 1
30 Aug 2015 #7
Merged: Obtaining a Polish Citizenship/passport by an Australian - father born in Poland but no documents from there..


Both my father and I are Australian citizens. However my father's father was born in Witkow, Lublin, Poland & my father's mother was born in Vitebsk, Belarus (former USSR). I was wondering if it was possible for me to obtain a Polish citizenship? We only have my grandparents' Australian certificates of naturalization, and possibly boat records. We have no official documents from Poland. Is it possible for us to locate these somewhere?

Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated.


12 Sep 2015 #8
For those that advise contacting polish embassies abroad - you obviously have never tried it. The line is ALWAYS busy, and when you do visit in person, they are rude and nothing ever gets done. This is why t here are forums where folks should be able to help each other.
Quustyn - | 1
10 Nov 2016 #9
Does anyone know the requirements/ eligibility for an Australian to apply for a Polish passport?
(Eg. Grandparents are from Poland and moved to Australia in 1949).
Thank you.
Atch 17 | 3,265
10 Nov 2016 #10
I checked on the UK Polish consulate website in their FAQ:

Q:My grandparents immigrated to Great Britain in the 1940's, 1950's. Am I entitled to Polish passport?
A:In order to determine your eligibility, you need to submit an Application for Confirmation of Possession or Loss of Polish Citizenship to the nearest Polish Consulate.

And here's the detailed information on how to submit the application, supporting documents etc, from the Polish consulate in Sydney:

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