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Salary for job done in Poland - weekly or monthly? In Euros or what?

1 Dec 2011 /  #1
I want to know the salary for an 8hour paid labour in poland,please is it in Euros or what?Are labours paid monthly or a weekend basis?
2 Dec 2011 /  #2
You need to be more specific: what region, what kind of labour.
The national currency, and only one valid is Polish zloty. Euro could be accepted too, but it's just making fuss as it would be converted from zloty to get euro and then you would convert it again to spend the money here in zloty, so you'd loose twice some % on exchange rates.

Wages start from around 5.5 per hour, but all depends on kind of work.
General rule is the salary is paid monthly in Poland, however, your contract should describe everything.
20 Sep 2017 /  #3

Monthly salary in Euros

Please could somebody advise what my net pay would be if i was being paid 3,500E per month?
20 Sep 2017 /  #4
you mean 3500 euro?

I am not an expert on the issue - so I used an online pay calculator - it said your net salary will be 9800PLN (so around 2400 Euro)

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