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The concept of an independent contractor in Poland

7 Mar 2010 /  #1
I am in Warsaw now and was helped by someone who just graduated from college, a young man who appears to be pretty smooth when interacting with people both in english and in polish. I am also inclined to hire this guy to work as an independent contractor in Poland, however i am concerned about the actual control we may have over this guy considering the fact that we are all away from Poland.

The questions we have are: (i) does Polish law recognize "independent contractor," a concept widely accepted in the US? (ii) is contract a respected practice for business in Poland? and (iii) what kind of practical suggestions you all may have regarding the administrative control we may potentially exercise over him (to make sure he does not do things negative to our business interest nor does things under our company business name but really for his personal gain)?

Probably not easy questions, but i think they are common questions facing foreign business operations here...Thanks in advance for any input!
8 Mar 2010 /  #2
Hi. I suppose the first question that needs to be asked is what are you contracting him to do. It is very vague from your mail what he will do i.e. is it a service, or is he selling goods etc.

9 Mar 2010 /  #3
Have you signed a contract with him? Is it legally binding? Do you understand what's in the contract?
OP Ellis021  
11 Mar 2010 /  #4
Its sale of goods and services. I know contract, and if necessary we will consult with our legal counsel on it under Polish law.

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