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What jobs pay 10,000 zlotych per month? and Where can i find one? :o)

Maluch 30 | 94  
12 Jan 2009 /  #1
Looking for a decently paid job , minimum 10,000 zlotych a month.. What types of jobs would pay this (or more)? Where is a good place to find one?

note: I do not speak polish... only English and French

edos88 - | 1  
12 Jan 2009 /  #2

if you dont speak Polish, Why u want a job in Poland????

bolek 6 | 330  
13 Jan 2009 /  #3
minimum 10,000 zlotych a month

sorry to say a difficult call, hmmm, have you any qualifications?
mbiernat 3 | 107  
13 Jan 2009 /  #4
Maluch, if you speak Polish and like two more languages have a masters or phd and work hard for 20 years and really smart, then you will get 10k pln a month. Most Poles I know in the city (Krakow, for example) who are very smart and work for a good company and speak English and French and work nights and weekends make 3k. Why would someone pay you 10k? What skills can you bring to the table that would justify that? Where can you add value or innovate to be worth that? I am not being rude, its just your comment tells you you have no real world life experience. And I want to determine where you would fit best in the work force.

Mark (I live in Krakow)
ShelleyS 14 | 2883  
13 Jan 2009 /  #5
Why do Polish people who don't speak English want jobs in England? BTW, most if not all International business is conducted in English, not Polish!
mbiernat 3 | 107  
13 Jan 2009 /  #6
Your right! If you are an expert on say EU GAAP Accounting law and Sarbanes Oxley (2002) compliance, then you can speak English in Poland at work. But if you are just a guy looking for a job, you need Polish. Are you a Sarbanes Oxley (sox) expert or something?
mephias 10 | 296  
13 Jan 2009 /  #7
It is up to your skills and qualifications. Don't worry if you are good enough they'll find you :).
Switezianka - | 463  
14 Jan 2009 /  #8
Why do Polish people who don't speak English want jobs in England?

But such people don't look for job where they're paid 10 minimum wages...
southern 73 | 7059  
14 Jan 2009 /  #9
for a decently paid job , minimum 10,000 zlotych a month.. What types of jobs would pay this (or more)? Where is a good place to find one?

OP Maluch 30 | 94  
18 Jan 2009 /  #10
What skills can you bring to the table that would justify that? Where can you add value or innovate to be worth that? I am not being rude, its just your comment tells you you have no real world life experience.

oh i have plenty of life experience! but interested in current Polish pay scales - what jobs pay 10,000zlotych per month?

Interesting to note that even well-qualified, tri-lingual poles, only make 3000 zlotych a month...

What do University profesors make ?

why do i wanna work there? well because i love it there :o) just dont wanna move to live a subsistence existence...
Yoshi - | 60  
19 Jan 2009 /  #11
If you have a PhD in engineering or science [1], 5+ years of experience, and work for an international company, you may well be able to.

I earn a bit less than that with only one year of previous experience as a post-doc researcher [2], and I don't have to speak Polish for my job.

[1] Real science, and NOT something like political science, gender science, media science or management science.

[2] It produced nothing.
Psychosis - | 14  
20 Jan 2009 /  #12
u can always become a pimp..
Seanus 15 | 19668  
20 Jan 2009 /  #13
Yeah, a pimp will likely rake in a small fortune according to reports. 15,000PLN easily if you are an entertainer :)
dcchris 8 | 432  
20 Jan 2009 /  #14
a pimp will likely rake in a small fortune

and tax free to boot.... hmm not a bad idea haha
nikttaki 5 | 62  
20 Jan 2009 /  #15
10.000 PLN gross is quite a common salary for an international company (bigger cities in PL) for people on managemet level. Senior employees of big polish companies can expect high salary as well - its level depends on the company location.

Cheers all!
mephias 10 | 296  
20 Jan 2009 /  #16
Is 10.000 PLN enough for a comfortable life ? And How much is it possible to save out of that ?
Seanus 15 | 19668  
20 Jan 2009 /  #17
I get 4000PLN in hand, that's after tax (850PLN), financial services (183PLN), insurance (310PLN) and rent for my flat come out (750PLN with internet). I live comfortably off of that, especially that my fiancee has been employed for the last few months.

Comfortable life is a relative concept.
27 Jan 2009 /  #18
Are you guys taking about 10000 gross?
What is the actual net payout of this? (after tax, zus etc...)
27 Jan 2009 /  #19
its just your comment tells you you have no real world life experience

Wow, if you guys think that earning 10000zl a month is a lot, obviously you are the ones who have no real world life experience.

It must be really hard living in poverty like that, what can you afford to buy to eat, obviously you must be on bread and water rations.

Why not get away from all thet poverty, go overseas and earn 10000zl a week, oh thats right you are all true patriots, lol, or just plain old simple S.U.C.K.E.R.S, lol.
john5951 3 | 7  
28 Jan 2009 /  #20
I pity the people who only care about money... poor people!! I gave up my current job, paying the equivalent of 16.000 PLN a month with excellent benefits, and accepted a job offer paying less than half this amount without decent benefits, just to have a chance to move to Poland and live my life in Krakow!

I love this city and I love the people!! Sure, there will be times of regret, but this will not outweigh the good times!
28 Jan 2009 /  #21
I agree, Krakow is great, but unfortunately it is people like you who settle for less than poverty wages and pretend to be happy, whilst barely making ends meet. Actually how can you really live on those miserable wages, obviously people don't have any goals in life of owning their own homes or cars, seems like a vegetative existence. What will you leave for your kids when you pass away.

I do believe it is the peoples fault that they put up with this, and all the corruption around them. When are Poles going to finally rise up and make the country great again, instead of putting up with all the crap.
john5951 3 | 7  
28 Jan 2009 /  #22
It depends on what your goals are in life, and what your definition of a vegetative state is… Yes, I have a new car; Yes, I have a huge plasma TV; Yes, I live in an apartment in the middle of the center of my city… Does this all define happiness for me? No!

I know enough about personal finance to make sure I can live a life that is comfortable for my standards. Do I need > 10.000 pln for that? No! According to the OECD’s purchasing parity index, I need to earn about 65% of what I am currently earning to keep the same purchasing power. I am not going to earn this much, this means I will have less expendable income, but enough to lead a comfortable life…

Everybody has to make this decision for them self…
28 Jan 2009 /  #23
Well good luck with that, I envy people who can make something out of nothing.
Yoshi - | 60  
28 Jan 2009 /  #24
I only need less than a half of my current income for a comfortable life in Krakow. I'm not really interested in expensive cars (or any car, to be honest) or a big house. It doesn't cost much to spend a sunday afternoon reading a nice book in a decent cafe or have some Tyskie with my very intelligent friends and talk about classics, history or biotechnology. Being a biker, I can always buy a cheap ratty pile of cr-p and fix it. I don't need a Honda Goldwind to enjoy riding.

It's just nice to live here. If life is all about luxury and showing off, it doesn't have to be in a nice medieval city. I can always go back to Tokyo or UK for that kind of nonsense.
Moonlighting 31 | 233  
28 Jan 2009 /  #25
Interesting thread! I appreciate the comments from John5951 and Yoshi.

BTW, I'd like to know 2 things:
- what's the average salary for IT middle management? (that would be for me if I ever move to Krakow)
- what's the average salary of a medical doctor (not a specialized one), 3-year experience, working at Krakow's University Hospital (that's currently my girlfriend but I'm afraid to be rude if I ask her directly)?

Thanks for specifying whether the figures you mention are gross or net.
18 Feb 2009 /  #26
i was hoping to do the same thing, I am currently employed in California and thinking of moving to Krakow where my parents are from. I was interested in seeing what type of work is available in Krakow? I graduated with a bachelors in Econ and currently work 1+ years at an accounting firm (fluent in Polish)? anything in Krakow that you know of that would be suitable?
bimber94 7 | 254  
13 Mar 2009 /  #27
You can get a lot more than 10k. Join the world's biggest, oldest company and become a Catholic priest. Countless "moherowe berety (devout Catholic old ladies afraid of going to hell after a lifetime of petty theft, such as rifling your jacket when you use their toilet)" will fall over each other to give you their measly pensions of 3 groszies per year for a one-way entry through the pearly gates. As a bonus you'll be living in the Middle Ages, where the Church is always right and rules supreme, without the need for a time machine. Try expensive towns like Limanowa where the only attraction is the massive church right in the town centre's Rynek.
13 Mar 2009 /  #28
I really don't know how can anybody get more money now these day 2009. Companies are cutting people salaries in half what they use to make. There isn't such high salaries anymore. Once you get highest paid jobs and in few month later companies will slash your salaries in half what you make. Like $10.00 an hour will cut to $5.00 an hour.

Be prepare when you go after your dream jobs.

Good Luck To All!
LovePolska - | 8  
12 Apr 2009 /  #29
This thread is really interesting and I felt intrigued to tell my story I think it fit very much this thread will I moved to the US(from some country not important to mention) after graduating with a degree in engineering I worked hard and I liked the US I succeeded in my work greatly (only financially) but I was never satisfied because it was never what I like to do but I had no chance to change it I met a girl from Poland who was studying in the US we loved each other and got married her grandmother got sick she had to go back and visit I went with here I fell in love immediately with the country I told my wife how I feel about Poland and that I want to be here I gave it all up there(I mean the US)and you have no Idea how good it felt that you have total control over oneself greed and love for money I had it all as some people could say I mean the American dream I used to work my a** off there and if you talking about 10,000 Zl How about giving up over 40,000 Zl a month I did just that

Now I am here in Poland working as teacher and doing my masters degree and that’s just what I wanted to do when I came to the US
backhander 7 | 22  
12 Apr 2009 /  #30
why is everyone on here talking about how much money they all make/made, materialistic twats! Making a pittance when comparing to UK wages is enough here lets face it, you don't need much to have a comfortable life in Poland so get over yourselves

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