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Polish Citizenship...for travel and studies and MEDICAL work.

2 Sep 2010 /  #1
Hi guys, as many of you know I am half Polish and half Greek. My mother was born in Poland and moved here in the 1970's and my father was born in Greece. My father gained his US citizenship but my mother hasn't (don't ask), however she is unsure whether her Polish citizenship is still valid after all these years.

As for myself, can I get a Polish citizenship easily like this?

My second question is, should I get one? I plan to visit and tour Poland almost every summer or so and maybe stay there a few months for study periods and research for my Polish studies I'm minoring at a US university here in Chicago. So is it worth getting a Polish citizenship?

Last question...I hope to get my M.D. from med school these next few years. With an American M.D. (which surpasses many European standards) could I easily find work in Poland? Would re-schooling be required? Also I know the pay would be less, but would it be less to the point where I'd look like an idiot not practicing in the US?
24 Sep 2010 /  #2
If your mother didn't renounce Polish citizenship she still have it. It means that most probably you have Polish citizenship also. You can apply for the certificate about Polish citizenship. Once you have it you can apply for a Polish passport. I think that getting Polish passport is a good idea bearing in mind that you intend to study and live in Poland. Having your Polish passport you don't need to bother with Visa issues in Poland. Check this sites: polish-citizenship or your poland to learn more about it.
29 Sep 2010 /  #3
I am George Kashuba an Australian now living in Poland.
I know there is a large Polish Jewish comunity in Melbourne,
if any one from Polish Jewish families wants to obtain a Polish passport,
to work in EU,please contact me.
There is also some advice on property rights in Poland.

Such situation is very common. A lot of people, descendants of Polish emigrants want to get Polish citizenship and Polish passport now. It’s very useful. Their childen will have a chance to study in Europe, they could conduct their businesses without many formal troubles and they would be able to travel through all Europe without any problems.. Of course – there is also more benefits.

My Partner Roman speaks Hebrew.

Best Regards

George Kashuba
29 Sep 2010 /  #4
if any one from Polish Jewish families wants to obtain a Polish passport,
to work in EU,please contact me.

It's good to know that this is all about making a life in Poland.

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