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Southern Ontario (Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo) and Polish Women

28 Apr 2011 /  #31

Are you serious?
You do realize whole Canada is built on immigrants?
And it's sad that you practically forgot your roots. And keep in mind that Canada does not have much of history of it's own! So show some more respect!

And not all Eastern Europeans are criminals. Majority of them comes here due to economy, and not as you say "to better themselves" ... it's not like they have done something in past so they come here rehabilitation wise!

P.S. I was born in Serbia.. so feel free to criticize !
25 May 2011 /  #32
Hello, I just found this forum. I live in the Burlington area, was born in Canada, but am of Serbian background. I am in my forties now. Was married for a few years, it did not work out, I have no children. When I was younger, I travelled to Poland and I think the Polish people and the men are the best looking anywhere. I can understand Polish a little bit, I hear the similarity with Serbian. So, does anyone on this forum know if there are any singles events for Canadian Polish and Slavic people? I grew up going to Serbian picnics and zabavas, but I don't have any Polish friends, but would like to go to their social events. I would be interested in any suggestions anyone has. Thanks.

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