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Expat Poles swearing allegiance to the US - how did you feel?

17 Feb 2011 /  #151
ShortHairThug wrote:

Newsflash, all of the above arguments are out the door in relation to US.

two things.

1, I wasn't making a comparison to the USA. you know what they say about assuming.

2, what a bunch of garbage you just posted. do you really think that's an argument? "if you work at Walmart...".....???? Are you serious? Does being a store clerk in ANY country get you a big house in the hills with a Mercedes? come on.

you're reading way too much into what I posted. it was mostly written in response to another poster who i find amusing, to say the least. if you want to run away with this trying to turn it into another, "Pig American, you think you're so great and your country is so great, " be my guest, but you're barking up the wrong tree, holmes.
17 Feb 2011 /  #152
That is the key word you should be looking at whether legal or illegal this country has a problem with immigrants and surely doesn't need any more of them.

I agree and I think you should leave since you are part of the problem.You are not even US born American you freaking scum and you dare to b i t c h about immigrants,give an example and leave.

Cut the personal stuff, please.
18 Feb 2011 /  #153
this country has a problem with immigrants and surely doesn't need any more of them.

Maybe ya shoulda thought about that before ya immigrated here. Ingrate.
18 Feb 2011 /  #154
Maybe ya can stop talking like all ghetto, biach!

US born American

I don't have to be US born (my passport states: nationality American) I've lived here for 20 years since i was a kid, I work and pay taxes and got a right to say if some illegals should stay here or not.
18 Feb 2011 /  #155
So someone asked you why you continue to stay in Poland.....and you don't even know why.

I know why but it has nothing to do with material things. I like living in Poland,I like Polish mentality, I like to be close with family and friends.

You could live better in other countries, provide for yourself better, give your children or future children a better life, have a better/easier lifestyle, yet you just can't seem to pull yourself away.

I said easier not better.Yes,I could get better money,maybe a better job (just maybe bcs I have humanistic mind and good international jobs are usually for ppl with degree in science),but that's not all.As for a lifestyle...I don't know if it would be easier or better.Children...even if we assume that life in other country is better now who can give me a guarantee that it will be also a better place for my children?

Deep, incredibly dependent emotional attachments to mommy and daddy to the point where they'll give themselves along with their children a life several steps down from what it could be, all so they can eat mom's pierogi and piernik.

You don't choose what your feelings are.But even if we could choose it's a matter of priorities.For me family is really important and I like to be close to them.

Even when I was 16 or 17 I thought that I'll go abroad but only for a year or two.I like to walk through my town and think that every place is familiar,that everything brings memories.

I'll never understand it but if that's the life you choose, you must accept the consequences.

I know that my decisions have their consequences and it's not like I don't think what the pros and coins are. Maybe I'll change my mind someday but as for now...I'm happy that I'm living in Poland.

P.S. Sorry it took me so long to respond but I'm not here everyday.
19 Feb 2011 /  #156
lenka wrote:

I'm happy that I'm living in Poland.

well, then you should stay. simple as that.
19 Feb 2011 /  #157
well, then you should stay. simple as that.

for real

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