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An Ashkenazi Jew's Gratitude to Polish Americans

Shitonya Brits  
25 Feb 2019 /  #1
Here is a very heartwarming story I'd like to share with PolishForums.

A Polish American mother in Chicago gives birth to a beautiful Polish American boy. But the boy was stolen in the hospital!

An FBI-lead manhunt - the largest in Chicago history - ensued.

Two years later the FBI said they found their baby who had been abandoned in the cold mean streets of Newark, New Jersey and put into its dystopian child protective services. The system was so dysfunctional and bureaucratic that the Polish American family had to formally adopt the boy the FBI had said was their abducted son.

The Polish American family took him back to Chicago, named him Paul, and gave him a safe, loving and nurturing upbringing - like all Polish American families do!

But Paul was different. He rebelled. He lead a rudderless lifestyle leaving a trail of different short-term jobs across America in his wake and a couple of marriages that ended in divorce along the way.

He had his doubts that he had been abducted as a baby. A DNA would prove him correct.

He wasn't Polish at all like the parents who selflessly raised him in Chicago. Rather, his results said he was an Ashkenazi Jew.

After some more researching Paul found out his first name was really Jack and his last name was actually Rosenthal. His biological mother was a "heavy drinker" and his biological father had anger issues. He was abandoned by them as a child and temporarily adopted by another New Jersey family who baptised him with the name Scott McKinley before the Polish American family in Chicago adopted him.

Looking back Paul said "My real parents were really not very nice people. I'm thankful that they abandoned me because it allowed me to be with the Fronczak's. They saved my life".

Amen, Paul.

Paul kept his Polish American name.

He wrote a book about it all but is not done with his story.

He mentioned already having excavated the garden of his biological parents' (the Rosenthal's) former home looking for the remains of a biological sister named Jill.

You can read the full BBC story here:
27 Feb 2019 /  #2
Russians do nice things to people sometimes
27 Feb 2019 /  #3
Far more than not unsung Polish heroes risked the lives of both themselves and their families to help save Jews!
May their memory be for a blessing and their deep sacrifices never be in vain.
27 Feb 2019 /  #4
Far more than not unsung Polish heroes risked the lives of both themselves and their families to help save Jews!

Where did that come from?
The other day you were accusing Poles of all sorts of horrible stuff......or do you not remember?
27 Feb 2019 /  #5
For the bleedin' umpteenth time, Milo, you royally misunderstood many of my previous posts; I never blamed ALL Poles for the excesses of a minority.
27 Feb 2019 /  #6
Maybe I did misunderstand you then,if so,I apologise.
But at the time it seemed like you were accusing the many,not the few.
27 Feb 2019 /  #7
Then for that, I too must apologize because what I said was the exact opposite!
27 Feb 2019 /  #8
I can't be bothered to retrace your posts,so will take your word for that.
27 Feb 2019 /  #9
Good, it's a bother for both of us! Just take my word for it, Milo!

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