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Polish Lessons / Polish tutor wanted in Manchester

gaston909 3 | 10  
28 Mar 2010 /  #1
Hi there,

Im a young guy in Manchester who REALLY wants to learn Polish... I speak fluent English so if that is of any use to you I can help you out.

Ideally I would like to meet once maybe twice a week and just run through some Polish... not sure where to start... got a few nouns in my vocabulary and can conjugate some basic verbs.. that is about it.

Send me a message if you are interested.

Polish Tutor - | 80  
28 Mar 2010 /  #2
I think my teaching method would meet your expectation. I believe that you need not only vocabulary but thirst of all you need to understand how Polish works.

I have a lot of experience. I taught Polish to foreigners at universities in Poland and Germany.
Please visit my website: polish via skype
I live in Krakow in Poland and I teach learners from all over the world via Skype.
I know people do not trust this teaching method that is why I offer a free Polish trial lesson.

We do not use any camera, I will help you to set Polish letters on your computer. We will practice Polish in writing and speaking. I invented unique exercises which help to memorize and use not only words but also endings. Skype is an excellent tool way to learn/teach Polish pronunciation too.

I do not to avoid teaching Polish grammar. I teach it as a useful tool. Take a free trial lesson and I will present my teaching style to you.

Polish is logical. I will prove it thanks to my teaching method.
You will never pay in advance for our lessons.
Further details I will email you (prices inclusive)
Seanus 15 | 19668  
28 Mar 2010 /  #3
Polish Tutor has impressed me on the forum, gaston. He seems to be ideal for your needs.
Polish Tutor - | 80  
28 Mar 2010 /  #4
Seanus: He seems to be ideal for your needs

Why not. Why should I pretend that I am not when I am probably.
I always give free chance to test me before starting cooperation. I know that as a Polish person
I should be shy and not too self confident. Sorry I am not. I was so many times succesfull as a teacher that I just believed that I am just a very good professional.

I am not good for everyone. If you do not want learn the system, only useful frazes and then to cry that Polish is soooooooooooooo haaaaaaaaaard I am not good for you.

But if you want to work hard and start to speak after 2/3 months, just choose my offer. You will not regret.
Yes Seanus I think I am much better than an average Polish teacher (-:
And I do not care what you about it think. Unless you test me in person.
time means 5 | 1309  
28 Mar 2010 /  #5
Polish Tutor: Yes Seanus I think I am much better than an average Polish teacher (-:
And I do not care what you about it think

Seanus was endorsing you Polish tutor. I think you have got the wrong end of the stick.
Seanus 15 | 19668  
28 Mar 2010 /  #6
I think so too. I just assumed that you'd understand the English I wrote. I like your tutorials and input to language threads, Polish Tutor. I say that without sarcasm and as an experienced teacher.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, that's true! (not reducing you to pudding here either, ;) ;) ;)).

Thanks, TM!!

I'm endorsing you, PT.
Polish Tutor - | 80  
28 Mar 2010 /  #7
Ups, sorry you can be right time means

If so I apologize Seanus. Unfortunately a good teacher can a bad and over-reactive reader too.
For sure I am too offensive everywhere I feel irony everywhere and plots against Polish teachers (-:

time means: time means

Thank you for your post. It was really important for me.
Seanus 15 | 19668  
28 Mar 2010 /  #8
I've worked with Polish teachers for a long time so it's ok. You can advertise yourself here and be supported :)
Polish Tutor - | 80  
28 Mar 2010 /  #9
Seanus: I'm endorsing you, PT.

So thank you Seanus I apreciate it.

Polish Tutor learns sometimes something but... slowly
Seanus 15 | 19668  
28 Mar 2010 /  #10
Teachers learn too :)

Good luck :)
time means 5 | 1309  
28 Mar 2010 /  #11
Seanus: Thanks, TM!!

Polish Tutor: Thank you for your post. It was really important for me.

No worries!

Seanus is one of the good guys on here.
aphrodisiac 11 | 2427  
28 Mar 2010 /  #12
it seems to me that gaston is the person to decide about his choice.

Polish, English or Zulu, as long as he is good, the student is the winner.
mira - | 115  
28 Mar 2010 /  #13
Polish Tutor: Unless you test me in person.

Can I test you, please?
I read all the superlatives you used when describing yourself as a teacher, methods that you use...Oh, let's not forget that:

Polish Tutor: I do not to avoid teaching Polish grammar. I teach it as a useful tool.

Grammar is the basis!of every language! I have no idea what you mean by:"I teach it as a useful tool", so I advise you to sort your english out, so that you can become even a better teacher that you are now!

Still curious of the methods you use, dear Polish Tutor.
Polish Tutor - | 80  
29 Mar 2010 /  #14
Hi mira,

Why do you want to test me if you know Polish (-:

But anyway why not to support my weak ego once more time

mira: Grammar is the basis!of every language!

Let me explain my point.

Thirst of all I admit my English is not perfect. I have never taught it. If its level is not acceptable for you I cannot repair it now because I have no time to polish it.

The problem with Polish grammar is that it influences the form of Polish words stronger then in English. That is why a few years ago Polish was taught with too much stress on grammar. You can trust me I graduated Polish Philology Department at the Jagiellonian University and vocational courses for teachers of Polish for foreigners so I know how teachers are taught to teach. To sum up: They get massive grammar theory not a useful tool.

On the other hand you have a “modern” approach. When teaching Polish became a business for private language schools it became popular. The most important thing is FUN in such a school. Thirst of all foreigners have to have fun. If they learn Polish this not so important. They come to Poland for 2 or 4 weeks and they want to spend nice time her. The second factor is that Polish is very often taught by English teachers. They use methods they learned to teach English. And this is wrong too. They do not know Polish grammar at all so they cannot teach it. They love word exception and they overuse it to cover lack of knowledge.

The problem is also that Polish language instructions in general are in a few important points just ****** up (-:
Especially perfective/imperfective verbs.
I will tell you in short what my method is. I teach PhDs, people from American province who really do not care of theoretical digression or very busy business people, my learner are from 20 until over 60 years old and at the beginning I do always the same. I explain to them how to build useful forms form basic forms they can find in the dictionary. When they are able to do it they can tart to speak Polish.

Skype is ideal to do it. Of course not camera and smile I mean but special written exercises and pronunciation.
But of course the devil is in details.
And last but not least. If you take a course at school you pay for it in advance. What a comfort. If you are taught by me you can cancel your lessons after each lesson. And it happens. However I have also clients who cooperate with me over two year (almost each week).

So one’s again sorry that I sound so self-confident but If somebody doubts that grass is green you just became a bit nervous and say that it is just green not red (-:
OP gaston909 3 | 10  
29 Mar 2010 /  #15
Hi Guys,

I would be happy to take on a Polish Teacher, unfortunately I do not have a broadband connection at the moment and I am using a dongle (skype does not work)

So I am still looking for someone in Manchester to help me out.....

mira - | 115  
29 Mar 2010 /  #16
Polish Tutor: The problem with Polish grammar is that it influences the form of Polish words stronger then in English.

That's why it's inevitable.

Polish Tutor: They get massive grammar theory not a useful tool.

There are different approaches to teach grammar and to learn grammar,too. Theory does not do any harm and people do not learn grammar by theory, but by practice.

To me, your method is as effective, as Callan's one, thus rubbish to me; no offence. Teaching words? So it's more like a two-week course rather than proper Polish teaching.

I'm a teacher myself and I'll tell you one thing. Before I started studying English at University, I had to take an exam in Polish too. You need to know your mother tongue well enough to learn another one. In your case, to teach Polish you should improve your English so that you are understood perfectly. And if you state that you don't have time to learn english, then what kind of teacher are you?
terri 1 | 1661  
29 Mar 2010 /  #17
If you still want to learn Polish in a real face-to-face situation, leave some details or email me. It depends where you are in Manchester, but could always meet in a suitable location.
Polish Tutor - | 80  
29 Mar 2010 /  #18
Hey girl mira,
you judge much knowing not much about me.

Thirst of all

I do not like Callan method as a method of teaching Polish I mean. It has nothing to do with my approach. Perhaps later when I start to speak more with my learners you could find similarities.

If you want to test my languages

I can speak German much better than English (I can scan my certificate from Goethe Institute (-: Imagine that English is not the only one important language People speak.

I have more German speaking learners then English speaking. On the other hand my clients from GB, USA, Canada never complain that my English in an obstacle to learn Polish with me. And by the way you seem to understand me too(-:

I passed also an exam in Latin when I did my first MA degree in philosophy
I have to admit my Russian is not so good.
And in 3 months we can start so talk in French you can test me if I spend my money properly (-: That is why I do not have much time to improve my English.

My focus is to understand and to communicate in a foreign language not to make pleasure to English speakers. If you have Polish roots do not make me laugh, your Polish should be piece of cake for you.

I love to teach grammar because Polish grammar is just a logical, beautiful system. But I never forget: Learners do not want to be perfect. They want to be understandable as soon as possible.

I am not perfect too and perhaps that is why I am so good (-:
OP gaston909 3 | 10  
30 Mar 2010 /  #19
Hi Terri thanks for the reply, my email is my
^username^ (at) hotmail (dot) com

internaldialog 4 | 144  
25 Apr 2010 /  #20

Try this link >>
general information
the information regarding Polish classes

they will be starting classes again in September 2010 you will need to get hold of (though they will be supplied in the class to use) the following books though they pop up on eBay from time to time

# Set texts: PO POLSKU 1. Podrecznik studenta, Malgorzata Malolepsza, Aneta Szymkiewicz ISBN 978-83-60229-15-6 and PO POLSKU 1. Zeszyt cwiczen Malgorzata Malolepsza, Aneta Szymkiewicz ISBN 978-83-60229-16-3

# Recommended texts: Basic Polish. A Grammar and Workbook by Dana Bielec, Routledge 2008, ISBN-10: 0415224373; ISBN-13: 978-0415224376

this is for Beginner Level which is A1/2 on the Common European Framework

obviously put the www in front :)

Im posting as im on this course :) though the intermediate level :)
30 Jan 2012 /  #21
Polish Tutor...

If your Polish is as terrible as your English, God help your students....
sayitinPolish - | 2  
6 Aug 2015 /  #22
Interested in learning Polish? Please feel free to email me: @gmail to discuss it further.


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