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The Guardian Newspaper looking to speak to Polish people who have recently arrived in the UK

3 Dec 2014 /  #1
Hi there,
I am writing an article about people who have come to live in the UK within the last year for a piece called 'My first Christmas in the UK' and was hoping to speak to a Polish person. It is for The Guardian newspaper - a left-wing newspaper and will be a sensitive and positive piece reflecting the person's thoughts about their experience. I would like to hear their thoughts on: what Christmas was like last year in Poland, how they think it will be different this year, whether they have felt welcomed since arriving in the UK and how they feel about media coverage of immigration to the UK. All that would be involved is a chat on the phone and a photograph taken at their convenience. If you would like to take part please contact me at emily_p70 AT hotmail. I would need to speak to them tomorrow (Thursday).
4 Dec 2014 /  #2
Another anglophobic article by the Guardian no doubt, you do hate the English.

And a Hotmail
4 Dec 2014 /  #3
It is for The Guardian newspaper

They won't know your title unless you call it The Grauniad.
Wroclaw Boy  
4 Dec 2014 /  #4
The Guardian is the best paper out there IMO.
Googled it!  
4 Dec 2014 /  #5
I googled the lady, her blog is here

and these are the articles she lists as having written

and she does appear to write for the Guardian and she
does use a hotmail account. I do wonder about why they would want to
write such an article, whilst there is such major discussion about immigration?
But then I am a cynic and maybe it will be a nice thoughtful article just about Christmas?

I should have read the journalists post better.......definitely all about immigration under a different guise but of course it will be done sensitively!

Didn't realise I had become so cynical of late.

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