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Traveling with a dog from Hungary to Poland

Unia 1 | 3  
27 Jun 2010 /  #1

I have to travel with my dog from Hungary to Poland, by bus or train, because the planes are pretty expensive and they would also be very stressful for my dog.

Does anyone know any bus companies (like Eurolines) that accept pets? I'd like to travel from Budapest to Gdansk. It doesn't have to be a direct way, I can change busses if I need to.

Thanks a lot in advance!
Wroclaw 44 | 5359  
27 Jun 2010 /  #2
I have to travel with my dog from Hungary to Poland

don't forget to chip the dog and get a doggy passport
OP Unia 1 | 3  
27 Jun 2010 /  #3
I know, thanks, the only thing I have to do is find a way to transport my dog, the rest is solved.
WhyMedSchool 6 | 35  
27 Jun 2010 /  #4
I'm not sure how big your dog is but my wife and I brought our 14 year old dog over from Canada and the vet gave us medications to dope him us to make the trip more tolerable.

If you don't mind this option I would suggest flying and knocking the poor thing out just to get it over with faster.
OP Unia 1 | 3  
27 Jun 2010 /  #5
My dog is about 16 kg big.
I don't think she would mind traveling by bus, she loves being in the car, but I couldn't give her any medication either, I'd be too afraid something would happen (yes, I am over-protective).
delphiandomine 86 | 17823  
27 Jun 2010 /  #6
Why not by train? They accept dogs without a problem.
OP Unia 1 | 3  
27 Jun 2010 /  #7
Really? Which ones?
I found the website of some trains, but none of them had anything in English.
delphiandomine 86 | 17823  
28 Jun 2010 /  #8
Really? Which ones?

Any daytime train won't be a problem - you will have (maybe not required, but bring one regardless) to have the dog muzzled and you will require extra tickets for the dog, but it's nothing extraordinary. If you want to do it, the best option is as follows -

Depart Budapest-Keleti 05:28, arrive Breclav 08:59
Depart Breclav 09:08, arrive Warszawa Centralna 15:32
Depart Warszawa Centralna 16:57, arrive Gdansk Glowny 22:12 for timetable details.

The best bet would be to buy a ticket in Budapest direct to Gdansk - it's perfectly possible, and while you won't get the best possible fare, it will mean that you have everything sorted.

The Polish rules are here -

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