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The best surfing beaches in Poland?

3 Mar 2011 /  #1
Does Gdank area offer decent surfing beaches?
Are there surfboard rental stores?
Is Baltic coast still warm ~Sept 10?

So many questions, but so little information on internet!

3 Mar 2011 /  #2
When I was in Gdańsk, the surf looked pretty flat. I'm not a surfer, but my sons are and so I noticed. There are some spots though along the Baltic, and here is a site that shows the most popular:
3 Mar 2011 /  #3
its provocation?
f stop  
28 Mar 2012 /  #4
Merged: Polish surfers

poor guys.. little knee slappers for waves ;)

28 Mar 2012 /  #5
Chałupy.mmmhmmm..I'm gooing to be there soon hehe :P ;)
I my opinion Hel - penninsula is the best place in this part of Europe for kite and windsurfing - great wind.

28 Mar 2012 /  #6
So will I. I assume you will be the arse spouting racist comments.

Hel is the best place for both kite and windsurfing. The waters are shallow, there are constant winds (usually) and no waves. It is perfect for beginners and more experienced people. Last year there were a few groups of Spanish people that had attended one of the schools as well as some Swedes and Russians. Hel is becoming a "destination windsurfing" for Europe during the summer season.
28 Mar 2012 /  #7
Racist comments?? Shut up Pipo :))))
28 Mar 2012 /  #8
I guess you will be the windsurfer who wears a wetsuit all the time but does most of your surfing at the bar?
5 Jun 2014 /  #10
its provocation?

I don't think so. I have the same doubt.

Its possible find few videos:

I found this website and sent a message asking if they rent longboard :-)
7 Jun 2014 /  #12
could you share some picture for your traval in poland?

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