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Polish Architecture

4 Jan 2009 /  #1
Anyone who has been to Poland has noticed the wide variety of architecture there is here.
There are many different types of buildings from blocks built during communism to grand buildings to Zakopane style etc...
Bridges, houses and castles etc the list is endless.

I have many more photos on cd somewhere, I will post them later.

Krakow was the original capital of Poland and has some of the most wonderful examples of Art Nouveau, Baroque (my personal favourite), Gothic, Classicist, Modern, Renaissance, Rococo, Romanesque, Socialist and Wooden architecture.

But I this thread is for any kind of Polish architecture rural or urban.

Notice on the last picture how the wall ins re-enforced and tappers in towards the top to give added support so they could build higher.

4 Jan 2009 /  #2
Nice architectural l designs, the buildings look great and do not look dated , they have stood the test of time !
OP SeanBM  
4 Jan 2009 /  #3

St. Mary's Church Krakow's original St. Mary's Church was destroyed during the 13th-century Tartar raids; rebuilding began relatively soon after.
The present church was built on the foundations of its predecessor, which was built before the town plan of 1257. This is why it stands slightly askew from the main square.
The new St. Mary's Church was completed in 1397; the towers were added in the 15th century.

Taken from sacred destinations.

Legend has it that two brothers were commissioned to build a tower each.
One of them became jealous because the other one was progressing better with his tower and stabbed him to death with the knife that is now hanging in the Sukiennice (cloth market) beside this grand church.

4 Jan 2009 /  #4
I like the architecture in Europe ! every time I visit , cannot help but to admire ! Allot of the buildings are designed to last forever and as old as some are still look beautiful.
OP SeanBM  
4 Jan 2009 /  #5
Yes very beautiful indeed.

Church of Peter and Paul or the church of the twelve apostles, Krakow.
Both inside and out.

4 Jan 2009 /  #6
Absolutely Gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!!
OP SeanBM  
4 Jan 2009 /  #7
This is only one of the beautiful church in Krakow, it truly is very beautiful here :) I am glad you like it, I do too:)

More from the Church of Peter and Paul or the church of the twelve apostles, Krakow.
It is also known as the church of the twelve apostles because the statues outside the front depict the apostles.
I was jokingly told that it was the smallest church in Poland because the twelve apostles have to stand outside. (it is not small).

OP SeanBM  
5 Jan 2009 /  #8
The Church of Peter and Paul is a two minute walk from the main market square (Rynek głowny) towards the Wawel castle in Krakow, on Grodzka street.

Next building or two are also in Planty on Plac Szczepański "In your pocket" (St.Stephen's square). That's a very interesting artical on the history of Plac Szczepański

Obviously Krakow has many more styles than just these classical ones but I have to start somewhere.
I am also going to include some of the more ornamental façades, not just because I have many photos of them ;)
It should also be noted that many of my photos are quite old and a lot of these buildings have been cleaned and renovated back to their original glory.

time means  
5 Jan 2009 /  #9
sean what software are you using to re-size your pics? i know you asked in a previous post.
OP SeanBM  
5 Jan 2009 /  #10
It is called "ZoomBrowser EX" and it came on a disc with my Canon Power Shot S5 IS but all my earlier photos were taken on my old (broken) Konica Minolta.

I still can't re-size properly, I just lower the pixels not the size of the file, which is a pity because I loose a lot of the definition.

More photos from Plac Szczepański :)
time means  
5 Jan 2009 /  #11
ta, and very good pics. keep em coming.
OP SeanBM  
5 Jan 2009 /  #12
Thanks, they don't always work but sure I am learning.

Here are the photos from Plac Szczepański I promised, hopefully.

OP SeanBM  
5 Jan 2009 /  #13
I want to give a more general look for context.
So we are still in Krakow's Planty - the Park Around the Old City, so everything is in walking distance.

OP SeanBM  
5 Jan 2009 /  #15
010406 i think, could be earlier as I never really set the camera date much.

I am glad people are posting on here because it means I can get more pics up :)

Are there no Architects on here? there must be, come on lads and lassies tell us something.

These sculpting are above windows on the façades of buildings, There are many many different types.

OP SeanBM  
5 Jan 2009 /  #16
Here are some more façades inside planty in Krakow.

OP SeanBM  
5 Jan 2009 /  #17
This is a view of the main market square (Rynek Głowny) Krakow Poland.

5 Jan 2009 /  #18
that's a great picture SeanBM... keep on posting them...
OP SeanBM  
5 Jan 2009 /  #19
Thanks for the encouragement :)

In an attempt to make this more interesting/interactive.
Who can tell me the names and brief history of these two structure?

5 Jan 2009 /  #20
Who can tell me the names and brief history of these two structure?
OP SeanBM  
5 Jan 2009 /  #21

Next what street is this and what is it's significance?

The other two photos are just random, but still in Krakow.

And please feel free to post any Polish Architecture on here, it will make it more interesting.
I took these photos for myself never thought they'd end up on the net.
I will try to take more "purposeful" photos to put on here, not just the classical stuff:)

Hhhmmm... didn't work I will post it next chance I get.
The saying "pay peanuts expect monkeys springs to mind" ha ha ha
So this is what you get for free and i get to impove my computer "skills" ha ha ha
5 Jan 2009 /  #22
Next what street is this and what is it's significance?

what street? :)
OP SeanBM  
5 Jan 2009 /  #23
This one, hopefully.
Ah, it worked and i know what I got wrong first time, I can;t edit and put in photos, it is first time or no time.

So what is this street and what is that at the end of it, in the first photo?

5 Jan 2009 /  #24
that's Floriańska Street... it's a part of the Royal Road which takes you from Brama Floriańska -> Floriańska Street -> Main Square -> Grodzka Street -> to the Wawel Hill...
time means  
5 Jan 2009 /  #25
all these pics are making me travel hungry.
OP SeanBM  
5 Jan 2009 /  #26
Yes 10/10 again :)

all these pics are making me travel hungry.

ha ha ha, great!
I love to travel too!.

I have a real fascination with the more ornamental components to the architecture in Krakow.
I used to work there for a few years and still do but not so often.
Most days while walking to work I would look up at the blackened by time buildings and see a new intricate piece of art camouflaged in the soot (from Nowa Huta I guess), I know the commies built Nowa Huta up wind from Krakow so that Krakow would be blackened.

Luckily many of these fine works have been restored since I took these photos.

OP SeanBM  
5 Jan 2009 /  #28
Millions from all over but the thing is Architecture in Poland.

Here are some more from Zakopane.
Very unusual Architecture here completely different to anything else I have seen anywhere.

P.S. the photo in sepia tone is just me farting around with the camera a month ago or so.

time means  
5 Jan 2009 /  #29
Architecture in Poland.

for me the rynek in wroclaw is better than the one in krakow.
OP SeanBM  
5 Jan 2009 /  #30
Really? why?.
Wait a sec, where are you from, hhHHHhhmmMMmm..? ha ha ha ;)

I will be going to Wroclaw at some stage this winter.

Please feel free to post photos or give your comments on Architecture in Poland.

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