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Public dorms in Warsaw for students

20 Jun 2011 /  #1
hey there!
I am a Brazilian, studying in Canada and got the opportunity to go spend a semester in Poland!
very exciting, but scary at the same time hahha

i don't know if I should stick with univ dormitories or not. can someone give me some advice on housing?
is it easy to find a room in a house with other students? in Canada there's a website called craigslist that lists housing and all, is there something similar in Warsaw?

thank you!!!
sobieski 106 | 2111  
20 Jun 2011 /  #2
What will be your resident status in Poland?
sedif 3 | 5  
21 Jul 2011 /  #3
Merged:Student Hostels in Warsaw?

Hello friends. I need to cheap, central to Warsaw technical university student hostels, flat or apart in Warsaw. Where can i find one? Thanks.
jurdisbritel - | 2  
31 May 2013 /  #4
Hey hello Sedif! Check "Famous Hostels" is a page that guarantees the best hostels. They have one in Warsow. Here is the link, copy on the explorer to open it :)
researchers 4 | 19  
16 Jun 2013 /  #5
Merged: Public dorms in Warsaw for students

hello everyone

please provide some information ..ideas..suggestions and experience of Public dorms available for students(foreigners) in Warsaw

do's and don'ts

Thank you :)
newpip - | 139  
18 Jun 2013 /  #6
are there public dorms?
Monitor 13 | 1810  
18 Jun 2013 /  #7
There are dorms in Warsaw. Each belongs to an University, so if you're not a student of Politechnika Warszawska or Uniwersytet Warszawski (or other big public Warsaw's uni), then you will not get a place in them. You should ask your school weather they provide something. There is bigger demand than supply for dormitories in Warsaw, because they're cheaper than renting a room on free market. Who will get dormitory is calculated according to algorithm taking into account family earning, distance to home etc.


Prices in UW dorms:
o Dom Studenta nr 1 "Muchomorek"- 290, 360 lub 450 zł,
o Dom Studenta nr 2 "Żwirek" - 290, 360 lub 450 zł,
o Dom Studenta nr 3 "KIC" - 280, 340 lub 380 zł,
o Dom Studenta nr 4 "Zamenhof" - 460 lub 560 zł,
o Dom Studenta nr 5 "Smyczkowa" - 340 lub 390 zł,
o Dom Studenta nr 6 "Radomska"- 430 lub 445 zł.

Images of UW dorms (click Galeria)


Dorms differs a lot according to standard. There are some new apartments with shared kitchen between 2 rooms and there are old block flats with small 14m2 rooms and 3 students in it and 1 kitchen and 1 bathroom per 13 rooms (13*3 = 39 people) floor. There is always option to pay more and share room with only 1 person or live alone.

What not to do... Don't say that you don't like vodka. What to do... When you for the party bring beers or vodka.

General experience is only positive.

I've seen your other topic where you write that you Alma Mater is Vistula. And I don't see anything about dorms on their website. Ask them about accommodation and read perhaps this:

I am not from Warsaw, but fast googling gave me result about private dorm:

The price depends on the number of people in the room and its size and ranges from 590 PLN to 750 PLN per 1 person (no extra charge!). The rooms are for 2-4 persons
jon357 73 | 22638  
18 Jun 2013 /  #8
That looks much more expensive than renting privately.
Monitor 13 | 1810  
18 Jun 2013 /  #9
It's not a public dorm and you don't have to search for a roommate.
jon357 73 | 22638  
18 Jun 2013 /  #10
Still expensive for a shared room in a place like that.
17 Jul 2014 /  #11
Merged: Student residences (University of Warsaw) your opinion about the place?

Hello! I got a scholarship to study one semester in University of Warsaw.
They gave me a room in one of the student residences. It is really cheap.
Can you tell me your opinion about the place? Or should I look for another one?
jon357 73 | 22638  
17 Jul 2014 /  #12
Which hall of residence? There are several and they are very different. Most are shared rooms, by the way.
17 Jul 2014 /  #13
They told me it is residence 3.. I have read they have only double and triple rooms
Monitor 13 | 1810  
17 Jul 2014 /  #14
It doesn't look like top standard:
17 Jul 2014 /  #15
Does anyone know something about residence number 4 (university of warsaw) or lived there?

Thanks! What do u mean with "top standard"?
Monitor 13 | 1810  
17 Jul 2014 /  #16
I mean, that it looks like old dorms. There are some renovated which look nicer. to show you difference:


New usually have new furniture, less people per room and private toilette.
I don't know how rooms look like in Dorm nr 3, but the building and corridors look like not so new.
17 Jul 2014 /  #17
Oh! I understand! I thought about it.. not very nice, not very new..

I am worried about security, too. Might it be kind of dangerous?
Monitor 13 | 1810  
17 Jul 2014 /  #18
dorms are secure.
18 Jul 2014 /  #19
Thanks!!! I think that is the most important.. Anyway, I will see another options, too.
15 Aug 2014 /  #20
Hi, everyone!
Need some help concerning this topic!
In the end of September I'll move to Warszawa to study in WU. What's the best Dorm among 6 of rhem?
Also I'm considering option with a room or flat. In this case what is the best district in Warsaw to rent an appartment to get to WU in the most convenient way and best district to live in (not really expensive)?

Thank you!
Monitor 13 | 1810  
17 Aug 2014 /  #21
Here you have little old dorms rankings: Polish dorms in Warsaw,968323,art,t,id,tm.html

Very popular is particularly DS Limba (SGGW). The dorm was chosen by the student journalists of the monthly "Dlaczego" for the best in Poland. Each segment have a refrigerator and electric stove. In the room are new desks, cupboards, comfortable couches and free internet. In addition, some rooms are adapted to the needs of students in wheelchairs - writes krystyjan portal - In addition the tennis courts, basketball court, no queues at the showers. And most importantly - no bugs - comments on the forum robot_humano

- Regarding the dorms, I recommend żwirka i muchomorka. Good conditions, interesting people and great access virtually anywhere - on anecik writes.

- Kicki 9 is cheaper; 3-bed rooms, bathroom and kitchen on the corridor, one big party, and Kicki 12 is slightly more expensive, and thus has a little bit better conditions, a bathroom for 4 people, the burners on the corridor. Apparently it is bad, cockroaches and stuff, the lack of any repairs since ancient times, but the dorm has its own charm. I will come back to it. The dorm is hidden in the back yard and therefore we can be overwhelmed by the peace - writes dziab on

AhmedAly 6 | 13  
28 Aug 2014 /  #22
Anybody Knows About Dormitory "Ustronie" is it a good Drom ? i think its too far ..but this SEKS already put me there, so I dunno hOw to change it to a nearer 1 ?
Monitor 13 | 1810  
29 Aug 2014 /  #23
I think that you can ask for changing place. If somebody decides to leave you may get his place instead.
dertneson - | 2  
30 Jul 2015 /  #24
Merged: hello dorms university warsaw

Hello guys how are know the prices anyone if stay at dorms about the rooms and also if you have contract about the room and also i want single room and how much or at anyone dorms..

also i want to ask anyone polish-greek person that is here in our community because i need a translator for some jobs..
21 Jan 2016 /  #25
How is Residence Hall 1 in UW. The pictures look okay. What is the cost and what are the facilities?
10 Jun 2018 /  #26

University of Warsaw dorm

Hi guys ı heard that university of warsaw dorm is awful ,anybody stayed there here or any information you have guys.

Thank you

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