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‘Promesa’ - do I need to use a Notariusz at the deposit stage (new flat from a developer

wednesday 1 | 9  
1 Sep 2011 /  #1


I am about to buy a new flat in Poland from a developer, at the ‘deposit’ stage I have to pay 10% (of course no big deal there) BUT I have a choice to use/involve a ‘Notariusz’ OR just let the developer draw up a contract (of course at the final stage I will use a Notariusz’)

Either way I will be given a ‘Promesa’ which is cool. BUT I have had conflicting advice on weather or not I need to use a Notariusz at the deposit stage! Do any of you guy have experience in this? If so what did you do? It’s a brand new apartment, ready in a few weeks by a very reputable developer.

PWEI 3 | 612  
1 Sep 2011 /  #2
Tell the developer that you want to use a notary now and that he will be paying for it or you'll be walking away. Right now prospective buyers really have the upper hand, so make use of that!
Avalon 4 | 1063  
1 Sep 2011 /  #3
I would use a notary now. Make sure that the contract contains all items relevant to the completed plans of the development. There may be some items that are not finished, even though the building has been legalized, insist on holding a retention of monies if this is the case.
1 Sep 2011 /  #4
promesa? Is this the same meaning as in the Italian "I promese sposi", (betrothed or "promised") or is it more in the form of a good old-fashioned "bustarella" (bribe, lit. = "little envelope")?

My Italian's even more rusty than my Polish-::-)

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