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Due Diligence - Land Buying in Poland

5 Sep 2017 /  #1
Hi Everyone,

I had to create a new account as my old login wouldnt work and I no longer have access to the email account that i originally used. (adamm19830)

Anyway, I've been living in Poland for over a year now and after searching and searching I have now found some land that I wish to buy with my (polish) wife to build our new home.

We are fully aware of all the ins & outs, pros & cons of the whole process and we are now at a stage where we need to converse with the local Gmina to do our checks on the area/land before we part with our hard earned cash.

Before we head off to do so, I'd like to get some opinions from your goodselves on what sort of questions we should be asking the Gmina. We do have a list of questions but we are happy to hear other suggestions in case we missed any out.

The land is approx 2000m2, it is budowlana, it does have the media close by for final connection. We do have a house project which we would like the gmina to look at and accept in principle before we buy the land.

Your response is very much appreciated.
5 Sep 2017 /  #2
1. Make absolutely triple sure that the person selling the land is the rightful owner of the land. Even if you know them personally, ask them for documents to prove they are the owners.
5 Sep 2017 /  #3
The land registry is the place to go to find out who owns the land. You'll need to submit your plans to the relevant authority to get planning permission. Find out whether the owner has any claims against him/her at the tax office, ZUS and court. Engage a notary to do this if you don't want to traipse around town and wait for hours in offices. Apply for water asap. In our case it was easy and fast, but in cities it can take a year. We did all this about seven years ago. It was quite a bit of work, but we found the Polish authorities to be professional and helpful.
OP mouldski  
6 Sep 2017 /  #4
Thanks guys.

The plot of land that we have found forms part of a larger plot that has been officially divided in smaller plots that is for sale. One plot already has a house on it (potential neighbours). We knocked on their door and had a long conversation with them about their own experience building on the plot. They had no problems with flooding e.t.c. They gave us a vast wealth of information which has been very useful.

From them we have found out things such as there is a plan for street lighting to be put up on the road as there is a business a bit further up the road. The road will be made wider in the future e.t.c.

I just need to make sure I have everything covered before we make the offer. The neighbours obviously have gas, water and electric hooked up to their house, they built on the plot 3 years ago so we dont see any problems with connecting the media.

Your information is appreciated. We will be going to the Gmina on Monday to do our Due Diligence.
6 Sep 2017 /  #5
Who will own the plot?
You or Your wife or both?

Please share your comments in this post

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