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When construction permission required in Poland?

16 Mar 2011 /  #1
What are the rules in Pomorski area (Gdansk) for building permissions?
When is building/construcion required and when not??

Looking to build wooden shed in the garden and wonder if anything is needed.
Probably no concrete foundation needed or anything, just simple....Any rules regarding dimensions, height?

Thanks for advice!

Wroclaw 44 | 5359  
16 Mar 2011 /  #2
....Any rules regarding dimensions, height?

no idea. but if u can buy one at Obi then i imagine u can build one the same size.
16 Mar 2011 /  #3

You do not have to get a building permission, but you meant to inform local authorities (town hall or other) 30days before starting to build it. If they don't reply within 30 days you can start to build (this can be taken as there are no objections to do so.)

it has to be a construction without foundation, with area not bigger than 25m2 (or 35m2 if in the countryside). The maximum roof high is 4m if it is flat roof and 5m in the highest point if it is pitched roof.

If it is a shed on a plot - ("family gardens" - ogrodki dzialkowe, dzialka) you don't need neither the permission or notification.

*people often do not inform the town hall about building sheds and nothing happens, if though you have a nasty neighbour he might tell the building inspector and then to legalize the shed you might need to pay a fee (used to be 5000pln)

*in the information to the town hall you need to include a statement that you have right to built on the land (ownership etc), drawings or sketches of the shed, + filled form, and other papers if needed (architects stamp on your drawings maybe but not necessary...)

* do not put valuables in the shed and invest in a good pad lock!

Good luck! Hope I didn't put you off the building idea!

Asia -the Englishman's wife (and architect)
OP BD1  
16 Mar 2011 /  #4
Thanks for the reply!
It would either a shed or carport to drive the car underneith, no walls, just a roof....
No foundation, just the wooden 'sticks' in a solid base.
No objection as to where on my land I build this? ie. in the corner, next to the fence?

16 Mar 2011 /  #5
If the construction had a wall, not taller then 3m and not longer then 5.5m it could be near the fence, if it's bigger or taller has to be at least 3m away from the border of your land. If it has windows or doors needs to be 4m away. If your neighbour built already closer then 3m away you can build 1.5m from the fence.. but you say it wouldn't have any walls really .... so there is no need to keep the distance.

I'd advise to you ask at your local town hall anyway. It might slightly vary from town to town (and I live in south of Poland). Also there are different regulations depending on the area (city centre, country side etc). If your shed is attached to your house they might want you to apply for a permission and that would be much more complicated.

Good luck with it.

asia the wife
OP BD1  
17 Mar 2011 /  #6
Sounds like you're an expert :)
Thanks for the tips! However I dread going to town hall and get into that paper mess with designs, drawings, stamps, waiting for decisions and blah blah :( Having to explain what we want....sigh....and nobody who speaks a word english.

I'm in the countryside anyway, far away from anyone, no neighbours. I just want to get on with this construction :)

Wroclaw 44 | 5359  
17 Mar 2011 /  #7
I'm in the countryside anyway, far away from anyone, no neighbours.

then why are u asking... just build it.
OP BD1  
19 Mar 2011 /  #8
@Wroclaw: I know.....I know......

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