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Self-important Warsaw mayor

31 May 2013 /  #1
Warsaw's lady mayor Gronkowiec-Waltz raised a fuss when she refused to buy a 5 złoty ticket to visit the gardens of Wilanów Place. 'I'm the mayor of Wrasaw and do not need to pay,' she stormed. To all her other many 'virtues' such as PO membership she has added arroagnce, self-importance, elitism adn pettiness.
31 May 2013 /  #2
Warsaw's lady mayor Gronkowiec-Waltz

Still lying I see.
31 May 2013 /  #3
I'm the mayor of Wrasaw and do not need to pay,'

Of course not. But I doubt she describes herself as 'Mayor', just as I doubt jaro would expect to pay either.
31 May 2013 /  #4
Warsaw's lady mayor Gronkowiec-Waltz r

As usual you are lying. GW is the city president, not mayor. Which is clearly mentioned in the article.
OP Polonius3  
2 Jun 2013 /  #5
There is no such word in English as city president. It translates as mayor. All the international news agencies translate it that way. Back to school!

Check out:
3 Jun 2013 /  #6
Perhaps there's an English language magazine people who want to learn the difference between mayor and president could consult? Something about the world of English? Does it exist?
OP Polonius3  
24 Jun 2013 /  #7
Hard times for Mayor Gronkiewicz-Waltz

Poland's lady mayor is not only facing a possible recall referendum, but missed an opportunity to spruce up her image. She reopened the Wisłostrada tunnel which had been inoperative due to flooding for many months, onyl to have a huge downpour flood it again. She immediately sacked an official she said was responsible and has pledged to instal monitoring cameras and appoint a special official to watch over the tunnel.
1 Dec 2014 /  #8
Merged: Gronkiewcz-Waltz: Mayor of Warsaw's family made a fraudulent fortune from Holocaust theft

Her husband """""inherited""""" a property and got a compliant City official to legalise it for him, knowing it was unlawful, then sold it on """"in good faith""" at half-price because it was hot goods. Normal people would be massively embarrassed, but not the Mayor of Warsaw. She's above and beyond it all.
1 Dec 2014 /  #9
If it's illegal it's a matter for the courts. If it isn't illegal then it isn't 'fraudulent' and is just tittle tattle.
1 Dec 2014 /  #10
Normal people would be massively embarrassed, but not the Mayor of Warsaw. She's above and beyond it all.

Can you give some more details? I have vaguely heard of this affair, but never gone more deeply into it ...
1 Dec 2014 /  #11
Seems almost 60% of Varsovians yesterday thought differently. They could also have voted for a PIS clown who doesn't even live in Warsaw (and publicly told he didn't see the sense in doing so), doesn't pay taxes here but on my expense wanted to make public transport gratis.
1 Dec 2014 /  #12
All the Polish press reported it, but the politically-correct media decided that stealing from dead Jews wasn't a big crime. Essentially, from what I can remember, a fraudster presented a forged power of attorney in the late 1940s, saying he had the right to sell 2 properties belonging to a dead Jew. The courts convicted him of forging the POA, jailed him and nullified any dealings connected with any supposed sale. Unfortunately, the fraudster's heir turned up much later and said he had the right and a friendly fellow at Warsaw City Hall said "Fine, go ahead" amazingly, astonishingly, unbelievably without checking the full documentation regarding HGW's husband's fake title to the property. HGW's hubby (the heir to the fraudster), with grubby paper in hand, then sold the property at half-price as quickly as possible. Now the heir of the dead Jewish owner (they've traced one) has to overturn a "sale in good faith" based on "public warranty of title" - as the title to the property was in the public property register. A tall order - one that'll take years. In which time the property developer will have sold the property on ...
4 Dec 2014 /  #13

I find what you say hard to believe.

Do you have any links to your story about this fraudulent activity?
4 Dec 2014 /  #14
She's above and beyond it all.

Lol. The huge majority of Poles in public office over a certain age stole from government/individuals or applied loopholes in the law.

The same as Britain in the 1700s.

Get over it :)
4 Dec 2014 /  #15
If true, I totally condemn that and all similar. It's nauseating to think anyone would do that.
9 Jan 2015 /  #16
The husband of Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz was one of the co-owners of the privatized tenement, to which his uncle had bought the rights from scammers in 1945. In fact, the house belonged to Jewish families whose authorizations were faked by one of the fraudsters - reported in the latest edition of the "W sieci" magazine. The President of Warsaw replies: "the matter is the subject of a substitute for substantive discussion about the future of Warsaw and is part of a dirty political struggle.",106541,16945339,Co_prezydent_stolicy_wiedziala_o_kamienicy_odzyskanej.html

Theft isn't something to be dismissed with "Get over it".

Property should go back to its rightful owners. Thieves should be punished and people in authority who help them should be punished. I was recently involved in the sale of a plot of land near to the Palace of Culture. Real owners got real money, because people like GW's husband hadn't "acquired" their property. Or perhaps we should thumb our noses at Jewish heirs who don't live in Poland? Why? Would that be because Jews aren't good enough to have their property rights respected?
10 Jan 2015 /  #17
I was recently involved in the sale of a plot of land near to the Palace of Culture. Real owners got real money,

Ominous promoting your own ethical services....

Let me get this right Vars you have your connections because your wife's family was part of the intelegentsia - especially the PIS supporting side...
11 Jan 2015 /  #18
I have absolutely no connections whatsoever. As for the PiS intelligentsia comment ... HA HA HA!!!!!!! Good to see you support theft by the "right people" - at least we know where you stand.

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