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Is Indian/Polish relationship possible?

10 Oct 2007 /  #122
Polish girls rarely become amerianized aka feminazis unless they are one of the few ugly ones.

I am sure you are also hot as well. I dated all types of hot girls, and the Polish ones had the best combination of hotness, brains, and trad values.

Very few bad Polish girls I ran into, and they generally were the ugly type.

as for U.S. anglo women, most are bad apples.
12 Oct 2007 /  #123
hi guys im new to this,im looking for a polish girl to maybe ,marry if things are right.i have never dated one but see many of them around where iwork,my cousins have married polish girls,i think polish and indians(not muslims) can mix and marry because we have the same family values and out look on life,i find them very attractive could any body tell me how to approach one or go about dating one???
13 Oct 2007 /  #124
Is Indian/Polish relationship possible?

anything is possible between sanes... impossible between insanes
Hmmm 1 | 69  
13 Oct 2007 /  #125
We are all semi circles floating along the cosmic path of life. Ever so rarely we meet another semi circle whose circumference may be bigger or smaller than our own.

The one with the bigger circumference needs to sacrifice or shed some of his or her attributes to shrink in size to fit the semi circle with the smaller circumference. While the smaller semi circle, needs to make efforts to gain or augment some attributes in order to increase in size to fit the bigger semi circle.

So as the bigger one sacrifices and the smaller one enhances itself, there will come a time when both semi circles have the exact same circumference. That's when they become soulmates and form the perfect circle.

Until then, we just go about in circles. The bottom line - if you're not with a soulmate, you're just with an ass0le, who is too selfish to sacrifice or too lazy to enhance oneself.

Another bottom line - Polish women have an inner beauty that is more intense than their good looks. My advice to Indian men - romance the beauty within her, and be honest with your Polish girl - earn her respect before you earn her love.
11 Nov 2007 /  #127
whats ur problem with polish girl???r u ever refused from anyone?everybody is human being.u talking about bin.r u ever visit poland.i did ,i visit ur london aswell.according to london all poland is 100 times clean and tidy.if u dnt belive me go and have a look.
Patrycja19 62 | 2683  
11 Nov 2007 /  #128
hmmmmmmmmm have you been playing in the condoms again ?? lmao

sorry admin, I had to say that.. Naughty me..
11 Nov 2007 /  #129
Czesc people,

just wanted to toss my two bit here. I am an Indian and I live in smaller city in northern Poland.. I went out clubbing last night and met 4 Polish girls who danced with me and gave me their REAL mobile numbers to call again. I have also been to other Polish cities and met some other absolutely fabulous other girls. I also met 2 Polish blokes who came over and had a long chat with me in broken English and one helpful young lad who actually tried to make me go along with him and dance with some lovely girls. I had to decline however.

My point is that Poles are very open and hardly racist at all. At best I would think they are either curious about people who are different from them as they have not travelled as widely as Westerners or sometimes they feel apprehensive as they don't know what is expected of them in such crosscultural social situations.

Mind you I am rather dark looking Indian bloke and I have been clubbing in European bars for a long time I very rarely experience racism and people are generally very kind and polite and want to know more about India. I do get the odd dunken and sullen guy who moans about how we only like blonde and blue eyed Polish girls and some other silly stuff. but meeting 2 such twats in every 550 Poles is a very good ratio.

I think Indian Polish relationships are very possible if the Indian partnber is willing to try and remember that his Polish partner is not a sex object but real human beling trying hard to bridge culture, colour and convention to discover a fellow human in him. I have met a lot of cross cultural partnerships in the course of my travels and I think the fundmental attribute needed is a desire to discover good in the other partner and also ensure their happiness. Also dont sweat on the small stuff as the couple must climb out of their own nativecultures and work out Third Culture rules that will guide their relationship. Love is hard they should keep on working at their communication.

Indians watch out for sterotyping Polish girls and our respect Polish friends, please dont box us in either.

Good luck to all the others in cross cultural relationships.
catch you guys soon

Aw gee,

I am so ashamed as I just went back and read my post and noted the typographical errors.. it just because I type with 2 fingers and not too familiar with the keyboard layout.

I promise to proof read my next post a couple of time before I submit it. Though I hope grab the essence of what i meant to say..despite my frequent long tirade...share your comments and thoughts.


Though I hope you grab the essence of what I meant to say..despite my frequent long tirades...Pls do share your comments and thoughts. Enjoy your Sunday evening.

Halloween - | 30  
11 Nov 2007 /  #130
why some of u indians termiante pregnancy when u find out its gonna be a girl?
farooq - | 6  
11 Nov 2007 /  #131
hi tarek
i read about ur post of jan yes ur obsolutely right about pakis and their attitude
not all pakis r same but most of them. i appreciate that u know the truth about them.
hi halloween

not all indians terminate babygirls in pregnancy some who r not that matured and educated. only some fools do that but most of them dont care i mean the present generation.

hi kunalchoski

happy to hear this even i am same like u married to polish girl as u said they can adjust anywhere.
11 Nov 2007 /  #132
Yes Halloween,

It was a big problem some 5 -10years ago when it was discoverd that there was widespread infanticide in a couple of North Indian states. This is because many poorer Hindu familes did not want to have daughters as the financial burden of marrying them off was too great. I think that you must be aware that the familes of Hindu brides must pay a dowry to the groom's family. Hindus comprise some 79 percent of India's population.

But it has been banned by the Union govt since the late 90s and its currently illegal to abort of a female foetus...with severe penalties for the doctor. So the info you have been given about killing of a female foetuses is rather dated information.

Do feel free to post some more of your legitimate queries and we will try and help you through this maze of mis information and ignorance. BTW... there is a thing called www-en-wikipedia-org.. You might try checking that out that option first next time.

Halloween - | 30  
11 Nov 2007 /  #133
there is a thing called www-en-wikipedia-org.. You might try checking that out that option first next time.

yes I know but thanks I prefer to get information like u just gave me, u can feel honored cause had chance to write to me, u dont know who I really am...
11 Nov 2007 /  #134
czesc Halloween,

I try my best to do my bit for the old mother country... and yes I am considered to be quiet patient even with feeble minded individuals. As for writing to me..go get a life mate as I merely posted helpful info for all persons who have been following this thread.

As for feeling honoured.... I think not... You should count your self fotunate that no one has yet discovered that you are either intellectually handicapped or have a serious learning disability and need professional help and therapy. I hope you dont have a job and career that you could lose once we get to know your true identity.

Take my advice, get yourself tested. Good luck with your life

Halloween - | 30  
12 Nov 2007 /  #135
I hope you dont have a job and career that you could lose once we get to know your true identity.

thats why ur not gonna get to know...

but seriously im only messing with ya... chill out, I know one Indian guy and he takes jokes deep when I mess with him as well
JustysiaS 13 | 2238  
17 Nov 2007 /  #136
Yeah yeah, Polish girls are just after money. And British girls are just after sex? ha ha. The racism in UK is not Polish peoples' fault, its YOUR fault because you are racist. Dont say "we", speak for yourself you coward. Rant as much as you like, it wont make your issues go away so maybe try live with them?
southern 73 | 7059  
17 Nov 2007 /  #137
Mediteranean guys the only solution for polish girls.
18 Nov 2007 /  #138
czesc friends

just who is UK whiteman ranting against in the first place... Poles or Indians..and why should he suggest that the go to India... and I find that Poles are by and large nice people and nowhere nearly as criminal as the Russians. The New Russian establishment has purchased vast swathes of the major UK cities... so perhaps less Polish bashing and more vigilance with your border controls.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6139  
18 Nov 2007 /  #139
Poles are by and large nice people

Indya - | 19  
18 Nov 2007 /  #140
BTW, just to update you lovely folks, I had a fab weekend with some lovely Polish ladies and also an entire night of darts, beers, vodka and spirited discussions about American foreign policy and the rise of the Polish economy with some lovely Polish girls and guys...spread over 4 pubs..we met at 12 pm and parted ways at 6 am..Poles know how to party..

Will give you the gozz after my next meeting with them the following weekend.


Aw gee...this is so cliched.... but I cant resist...... you Polish girls rule
19 Nov 2007 /  #141
Im an indian guy , who has left his polish girlfriend a few months ago.
i can say one thing about polish girls. They are too materialistic and pretend to be conservative yet they are really hardcore sl*ts who cant be with one guy.

Ironically , she claimed to goto a catholic church everyday . she did goto church but was a closet pervert . Southern maybe right about some stuff but those qualities in polish girls : seeking attention from many, looking for bigger -better deals, being sexually perverted are repelling and i left her...

I can say one thing about polish girls. They are not loyal (put in a nice way by southern) . Be careful with them . Test them for a while to see if they are trustworthy for a good relationship. If she goes to a night club every other weekend with her girlfriends , you can assume that she is ******* other guys who can buy her drinks or show her a good time. If she is like any of the above, just stay thank you and tell her to fu*k off and find someone better ( polish or not) or avoid polish girls altogether.
MrBubbles 10 | 613  
19 Nov 2007 /  #142
i can say one thing about polish girls. They are too materialistic and pretend to be conservative yet they are really hardcore sl*ts who cant be with one guy.

What a sweeping generalisation. Like saying all Indian men are wife beaters.
Foreigner4 12 | 1768  
19 Nov 2007 /  #143
yeah because it's only women and Polish ones at that who are hypocrites in this world.
So you had a bad experience, well guess what? It was your fault as you made the bad choice of being with this lass. Now if my relationship ever went tits up (like others have), I'd blame the one who needs blaming, and that'd be me.

The bit about religion especially gets me though, yeah only the ultra-catholic Polish girls are hypocrites when it comes to ethics, values and morals. "Sarcasm off."
Indya - | 19  
19 Nov 2007 /  #144
czesc Indian 112,

sorry about your fiasco with the lovely Polish lady and my heart goes out to you..but I think its unfair to judge all Polish girls based on your experiences with one girl

Anyway, my first encounter with Polish girls was in Calcucta INDIA in 2001 and she happened to be seated just next to me in cyber cafe. I was visiting family in India hough I was based in Moscow at that time. Somehow,we got talking and she told me about her Indian boyfriend from Bihar.. and how they had met in JNU while she was on a student exchange programme in India.

It was a long romantic story..including first his visit visa to Poland being rejected by Polish embassy in India and then her going and living in India with him for a year.Then I kept in touch with them and heard moved to France to study and they seemed to toggle back and forth between France and Poland and then back to India to work for a French company.

Some 6 years later they are still together and I last heard that they were based in Hyderabad INDIA working for the same French MNC. I also have a Bolivian boss in Warsaw who had married a Polish girl when he was a student in the USA and then they came here to POLSKA and now run a successful business and it is she who is the boss.. and they have been married for 11 years and had a baby 2 years ago.

So keep your chin up... and move on..perhaps there is another lovely Gosia, Danuta, Paulina or Annia you could meet the next time you go out. It might also help if you do some introspection and see if perhaps there weren't any shortcomings of your own that may have caused her to feel unsure of a future with you..

Bhai,, bhura mat maana, magar agar gur hai to madhu maki ko to aana hi hai. Doosra ladki doondh lo..bahut mil jayenge

Good luck with your life and love

JustysiaS 13 | 2238  
19 Nov 2007 /  #145
you make all these generalisations cos you met and dated ONE Polish girl. move on and shut up.
southern 73 | 7059  
19 Nov 2007 /  #146
This is slavic soul man.Take it or leave it.If that girl was conseravtive and stuck with one guy,would you have any possibility to meet her?Do not complain.You cannot imprison the slavic soul.

This guy does not seem to lack luxury.

Maybe 1 1 2 are the dimensions of his qualifications.
amit_m - | 29  
2 Dec 2007 /  #147
Well!!! This is my very first time I have visited this forum...and to be very honest I am very disappointed to go through what views (few) people have towards Indians in a relationship with the Poles. I guess we all tend to forget that we are all human beings and at the end of the day would like to settle down with someone who is not only beautiful person from outside but also true and genuinely beautiful person from inside irrespective to caste, kind or nationality. Five yrs back if someone would have said that I would be married to someone from a different continent, I would have definitely laughed at that person……but I guess destiny has its own way of showing things……and .I am glad. I took that risk….as every moment from there on has been worth it…..

I was actually thinking of floating a forum on Indians married to polish….. (I guess Polish girls are not only beautiful but also make a great life partner trust me guys!!!..... I am talking from my experience)

, but now after going through peoples view…I am having second thought about it. Anyway it’s been gr8 sharing my thoughts with you guys!!!

Cheers and take care
Agni - | 4  
1 Jan 2008 /  #148
Well i think pakistani/polish relationships are more popular, though i have observed they do not work for long time, but idian-polish relationship is rare, isn't it? Why? people say that indian guys are materialistic, they think before they get married and there is family problem there as well. How much that is truth i do not know. But if there are some idian -polish relationships succesfull then I am glad to hear that.
deepwater - | 1  
20 Jan 2008 /  #149
Normally Pakis score better with white gals than Indians.
amit_m - | 29  
22 Jan 2008 /  #150
wow!!! is this a Competition.or a game of soccer or cricket between the two countries.......that u used the word SCORE. No offences meant but this kind of thinking and attitude gives people from the subcontinent a bad name.

What black/white /brown girlsgot to do with it?????Its all about finding the right person ... .not about any game or a score that u need to settle .Country...race or kind has nothing to do with it.

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