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SHE'S 25, HE'S 85 (Polish actor Andrzej Łapicki) -- ANY FUTURE?

Polonius3 980 | 12277  
21 Jul 2009 /  #1
The well-known Polish actor Andrzej £apicki is marrying or has married a 25-year-old blonde. There is a 60-year age difference between them. What is your view of such a marriage?

Polish couple
sausage 19 | 775  
21 Jul 2009 /  #2
What is your view of such a marriage?

He will be dead soon anyway
Photos of the mismatched pair!
Ziemowit 14 | 4046  
21 Jul 2009 /  #3
It's a free country (since more or less 1989) and everyone does as they please. The future ahead of them may be bright and prosperous as genetics hasn't said its last word yet. May the couple live another 85 years (she will be 110, he will be 170)! God bless Poland, America and the happy couple! [The only worry, however, is that she is blonde.]
sausage 19 | 775  
21 Jul 2009 /  #4
Insecurity will be the death of this relationship. She will be constantly worried that he will ditch her for a younger, more beautiful woman/girl.
noski 1 | 27  
21 Jul 2009 /  #5
what does she see in him,let me think ha yes maybe money.
ps bet he can't get it up.
wildrover 98 | 4431  
21 Jul 2009 /  #6
SHE'S 25, HE'S 85 -- ANY FUTURE?

Yes..... but not a very long one i suspect.....
dnz 17 | 710  
21 Jul 2009 /  #7
She's got a really strange face......

The average life expectancy in Poland (according to Wikipedia) is 75 so he's 10 years out of date. 12 months tops
southern 73 | 7059  
21 Jul 2009 /  #8
She will get a pension soon.
tornado2007 11 | 2270  
21 Jul 2009 /  #9
What is your view of such a marriage?

Its wrong!!!! Without any doubt i think you can safely say that there is no love involved!!!


No because he will be dead within 10 years at the most

I just cannot understand women who do this, i say women because usually in these cases the younger party is the woman and the older party is the man. It makes no sense to me what so ever, the fact that the in balance of age (Always the female that is younger and male that is older) shows how un-natural it is!!!. I have a theory though £$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£ :)

Enough said, the less these two are in the public eye the better and the sooner he dies she can get on with her sad sorry life
Akira 1 | 14  
21 Jul 2009 /  #10
it is more likely she is making a good business, despite the fact of any feelings - considering - good deal to get ;)

Anywas - alwyas wanted to date some eng girl ;)
never had that oportuninty xD

Edit. actually love is often a good business to do - and so on ... it is always pathetic
okgirl66 3 | 90  
21 Jul 2009 /  #11
It's sad really - she's not even attractive.

I know some bimbo types like to put up with a wrinkly to make a fortune but they are usually the rough/tough type. This girl looks more vulnerable and totally out of place - wierd.
Sokrates 8 | 3335  
21 Jul 2009 /  #12
I'm genuinely puzzled, the guy is, from what i know not rich or even particularly wealthy and while she's not gonna win any beauty contest she's not the ugliest thing i've seen so maybe she's really into morgue parties and dinosaurs?
g60edition 6 | 174  
21 Jul 2009 /  #14
It's sad really - she's not even attractive.

Hey at 85 I dont think he cares.Would you when you are 85?
pgtx 29 | 3115  
23 Jul 2009 /  #15
SHE'S 25, HE'S 85 (Polish actor Andrzej £apicki) -- ANY FUTURE?

and he's happy that all his friends are jealous of his young wife... what an elderly a55...!
Eurola 4 | 1898  
23 Jul 2009 /  #16
It's their business, their future..whatever's left of it. :)

Remember Anna Nicole Smith? If she did not do drugs or let anybody push them on her, she'd be a rich widow living happily ever after.

Maybe this chick thinks, he's got money. Times are tough, you know.
PennBoy 76 | 2429  
23 Jul 2009 /  #17
She's butt, let him have her lol
pgtx 29 | 3115  
23 Jul 2009 /  #18
Times are tough, you know.

perfect explanation... ;)
Seanus 15 | 19668  
23 Jul 2009 /  #19
Well, it was their choice. Obviously, the golddigger tag will spring to the minds of many but he signed the contract of marriage.
mvefa 5 | 591  
24 Jul 2009 /  #20
gold digger
PortugueseDude 1 | 4  
26 Jul 2009 /  #21
she is not that cute and he will might need viagra or cialis...she most def has a guy on the side and he has his trophy girl...thats it!
Gosiaa 2 | 89  
26 Jul 2009 /  #22
It looks wrong !

She looks like his great granddaughter.

I think maybe he needs "opiekunke " and she is there to take care of him.
Good luck to both of them for whatever reason they married they only know !
Tymoteusz 2 | 346  
26 Jul 2009 /  #23
Maybe he "knocked her up" and is trying to do the right thing.

Question: How old will the baby be when it is born?
RubasznyRumcajs 5 | 495  
26 Jul 2009 /  #24
he will probably die under her...
such a beautiful death :> keeping smile until end :)
LAGirl 9 | 496  
3 Aug 2009 /  #25
Oh my God that is sick eeew. she marrying him for the money or his life insurance she will probably screw or suck the life out of him. he will die satisfield from heartattack from sex. oh the poor couple.

How do I email this to my Polish friends.
tornado2007 11 | 2270  
4 Aug 2009 /  #26
i think your just going to have to follow the link, post that on the e-mail and any comments made here you would like to send to, just copy and paste them into your e-mail
LAGirl 9 | 496  
4 Aug 2009 /  #27
Thanks but dont you think this story is way oof weird dont you think?.
tornado2007 11 | 2270  
4 Aug 2009 /  #28
simple answer, yes, i don't understand it myself all i can say is that its not love :)
4 Aug 2009 /  #29
Maybe she is having his child!!! ????????

It may not be his.
terri 1 | 1661  
4 Aug 2009 /  #30
Why are the so many people seeking reasons as to why 'these two' should not be together. If two people want to be together (and the girl has her head screwed on right-after all, she will inherit whatever he has) then we should just say 'good luck'.

I have never subscribed to the view that if you marry someone 'suitable' (i.e 2 years older for a girl) then you will have a long and happy life - if that was the case - then there would be no divorces.

They will probably live another 3 years as man and wife - but I guarantee that there is nothing better for an older person to know that the person next to them in bed is younger and you and no one else has a claim on their body.

There are cases when older women marry younger men - see Joan Collins and Percy and they are blissfully happy. Why should it always be the man thats older. I'm all for women taking partners at least 20 years younger.

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