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About Poland - famous subjects Polish people like?

10 Apr 2016 /  #1
hi i want ask i am new in poland and i am independent cyber security research i want create forum in english language but i dont know what is the most famous subject polish people like and can have much visit .. i hope someone help me and thank you
10 Apr 2016 /  #2
If you don't know much about Poland, why would you want to discuss her? It won't take you too far if you are not interested in the topic. But to answer your question, most Poles (and the majority of the mainstream media in Poland) are lemmings that copy-paste whatever the Hollywood / US / West dumps on them, no matter how idiotic or harmful it may be. When something is popular in the US or in general 'in the old West,' it is popular in Poland too. Poles are the nation of followers, not leaders, and even if they invented a perpetuate-mobile, they would not appreciate it UNLESS a foreign corporation takes notice, buys it for pennies, and consequently brags about it in the world-media.
10 Apr 2016 /  #3
Not a problem to start a forum re Poland if they don't know anything about Poland! They'll simply copy-paste any BS they will be able to find in YouTube, Wikip├ędia and consorts! Some people in PF do it all the time for topics they personally know nothing about so nothing new "under the sun"! an example please? we don't allow copy-paste.
7 Sep 2016 /  #4
Merged: Question About Fame And Famous People, And How Would People In Poland Answer It?

I think that famous people say that they hate fame just to try to dissuade others from wanting and/or having fame, so that they can keep all of the fame to themselves and become more famous. I also think that many non-famous people who say that they'd hate or otherwise wouldn't want fame are trying to dissuade others from trying to the get the fame that they themselves want. Is it just me?
3 Nov 2016 /  #5
Im invited to a nameday party in a private home. Will the girls boyfriend be annoyed if i take her flowers?
3 Nov 2016 /  #6
If not one rose or twenty one he should't be.

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