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Poems of love with a Polish Essence

Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1522  
18 Nov 2010 /  #1
Hi people from Poland and abroad (interested in Poland) ...

You all discuss various topics, sometimes on Poland other times not. How about this new topic in which we can share our own skills in making our own poetry and poems based on LOVE with a Polish essence. These poems can be in Polish or English, but there must be LOVE surrounding it, with an essential POLISH touch =).

Let the background be Polish, the theme or the subjects ... Polish ... and make a poetry which sheds the veils of distance, helplessness, doubts and ignorance ... sheds to walls of that fear that keeps the lips silent from uttering those few words of magic ... IN THE POLISH PERSPECTIVE ... ON THE BACKGROUND OF POLISH CULTURE AND WAY OF LIFE...

Make it a unique poem/poetry ... your own creation ... even if two lines =)

... (should be either in Polish Culture/art or relationship section ... sorry for misplacement. But we need this, dont we?... ask ur heart =) ).
pgtx 29 | 3115  
18 Nov 2010 /  #2
i like it... positive and strictly about Poland...
OP Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1522  
18 Nov 2010 /  #3
Here we go ... I'll write something in English for us all =)...:

When winter comes... and christmas is around ...
When the snow knocks ... and the heart dances in its sound ...
When my eyes see, one lone tree...

...~~~ Oh then I know then my love (just simply...)
... what a touch of warmth I found --- you are the girl for me ... all my life round ... allllll 'my life' - rouuuund.... =)

Might not be the best of poems ... but it is a start ... the essence I feel is there ... what does your heart say? ... just put the beats in words ... trust me it will light a thousand horizons ... you just sometimes dont know the fire it carried =). BE BRAVE, LEARN TO LOVE =)

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