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Information about Krystyna Janda? (Polish film and theater actress.)

26 May 2018 /  #1
I need your help! :)
I would like to know some information about Krystyna Janda.

I know that she is a polish film and theater actress.

What did she make?
Why is she popular?
Is she only popular in Poland, Europe or the whole world?
Does she have an influence on society?
How is her reputation in society? Good or bad, and why?

I would be so grateful if you could answer.
Thank you ;)
26 May 2018 /  #2
all info on Wikipedia
OP Lizzy876  
26 May 2018 /  #3
No, there aren't her reputation, influence and where she is popular. And not exactly why she is popular, because not all actresses are as popular as she is.
26 May 2018 /  #4
She's one of the most recognisable Polish actresses.
She has her own cosmetics line.
She has a rather distinctive expression and way of speaking - she has been impersonated in at least one comedy show.
On her Facebook page she often expresses her views which are not very popular among the right wing voters.

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