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Can an unpayed electricity bill in Poland be a problem for visa?

17 Mar 2016 /  #1
Hi there!

I was an Erasmus student in Lodz, Poland last year. When I rented a flat with my flatmate, landlord made us to go to PGE and sign a contract about the electricity. Unfortunately, their English was extremely poor. So all we understood was that we have to pay every month approximately 350 zl starting from October 2014 to April 2015 and in May they had to check our limit and tell how much additionally we have to pay. When the bill came in May, we were quite shocked. We had to pay about 4500 zl more. Of course, we refused to pay such big amount. Landlord told us it is PGE who has to find the solution. At last, we decided with Landlord also, not to pay and leave the country. But now I have some plans about studying my masters in Poland again, but in a different city. So coming to my question, how do you think is this system in Poland well centralized? What will happen if I will apply for visa? Can I get a refuse? Even if yes, what should I do next or what can I do? P.S If I'm not mistaken I gave them as a document not my passport, but my national ID. I'm not an EU citizen. Thank you for the replies!
17 Mar 2016 /  #2
I doubt it - if anything it might affect your credit as not paying utility bills are the worst thing you can do for your credit. Losing your visa over it though? Highly unlikely.. You'll lose a visa if you commit a serious crime or do something that the government isn't fond of but not paying an electric bill, you should be fine I wouldn't lose sleep over it.

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