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Understanding law and working permits in Poland also residency. A Polish company offered me a job.

11 Sep 2013 /  #1
Hello all,

here is the thing, I am a non-eu citizen and I am currently living in the Netherlands where I possess my residence permit as a student (I also work part-time with a working permit from here).

A company in Poland offered me a job and has sent me a working permit type A.

This same company said that I should take these papers (Working permit + letter to the consulate) to the consulate here in the Netherlands. The consulate has informed me that they are not sure they can issue a visa for me because this should be done in my country of origin (freaking far from here), and although I said that I live in the Netherlands for over a year, legally, with a residence permit card and everything they are still confused and do know how to proceed (and they are more like denying it and asking me to go to my home country).

In contact with Deparment of immigrants and foreign affairs of Lodz (Oddział cudzoziemców), they informed that I could go to Lodz, to their deparment, with all my documentation (working permit, letter, passport, pictures etc) and do all the procedure there and apply for a Karta Pobytu (or something like this).

Does somebody know if I could actually go and do all of this in Lodz? Coz the company said that I'd have to wait for my karta pobytu to start working and this could take some time, on the other hand, this department said that while I wait for the karta pobytu I could start work right away.

any thoughts?

Please help :((
5 Jun 2014 /  #2
In order to obtain residence card (karta pobytu) in Poland you need to posses one of the documents below:
- permanent residence permit,
- temporary residence permit,
- long-term EU-resident's permit.
You said that you have EU residence permit as a student. Long term residency requires minimum five years of continuous legal residence so I don't think you have it.

Another option for you is to get polish temporary residence permit.
The procedure of legalization of temporary residence takes place at the competent Department for Foreigners of the Voivodeship Office in the voivodeship, where the foreigner resides.

So yes, you can go to Lodz and do all paperwork.
7 Jun 2014 /  #3

I am in the same situation, I am Non-EU with resident card in France (Student), I am accepted by a company in Poland, they are processing with the work permit and they informed me that I have the right to be in Poland as I have the French temporary resident card for three months.

What I have to do is that when I receive the work permit and I move to Poland, I will apply for Karta pobytu.
20 Aug 2016 /  #4

I am from Pakistan and presently in Dubai UAE on Residence visa i want to get a Poland work permit,
Can anyone help me to get any work permit TRC in poland.
22 Aug 2016 /  #5
@ Nadeem,
yes, we specialize in processing residency permits and have a branch office in Dubai

please contact 0521137766 for further information

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