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My grandparents were born in Poland. Question about Polish Heritage and Potential Citizenship

13 Jul 2015 /  #1
Hello, everyone. I've just a simple question regarding whether or not I would qualify for Polish citizenship by descent some time in the future. The reason I'm asking is because some different sources I've read conflict and give different results. Here's the important information:

Me: Born in Fox Lake, Illinois, USA 1999

My Mother: Born in Hobart, Indiana, USA 1964

My Grandfather: Born in Tarnów, Poland, 1928
Relocated to Germany for mining during WWII
Emigrated to Hobart, Indiana, USA 1950
Served in US Army as medic, 1951-1953

My Grandmother: Born in Poland
Lived in Post-WW2 Poland
Emigrated to Hobart, Indiana USA, year unknown
First met my grandfather in USA, some time 1950-1952

I don't know the most about my grandmother, but I may be able to get more information soon. This should suffice for now, though. Thanks in advance!
16 Jul 2015 /  #2
Tip: if you want to obtain the Polish Citizenship better learn Polish language hard - it is one of the basic requirements. The application is in Polish as well as the interview.

Basing on the information provided above you may be recognized as a citizen of Poland by ancestry under some conditions: the confirmed (with an official certificate) knowledge of Polish language and also cultivation of Polish customs and traditions (this is checked during the interview)

And finally:

Recognition as a Polish citizen shall be granted to:
7. a foreigner residing continuously in Poland for at least 2 years on the basis of a permanent residence permit -> which was obtained in connection with the foreigner's Polish ancestry.

24 Jul 2015 /  #3
I disagree with Looker's reply. You do not need to learn Polish to gain citizenship. It would be helpful if you were planning to fill out forms yourself, but many people hire a notary either while they are looking for details or to apply. If you are learning Polish, you can continue to search for documents.

You will need your grandparents' immigration documents, marriage certificates, birth certificates in Poland - and probably for your mother too as she is your link- most of this can be reissued by the Polish and US government, although immigration documents can be hard.

It may be a problem that your grandfather served in a foreign military (US) but you may be able to apply through your grandmother. You need to find out when, if ever, she became a citizen in the US?

There are many websites where you can take a 'polcalculator' to get help with figuring out if you qualify. I have been working on this for a while and have tracked down tons of information on my own family. Good luck to you!

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